No matter how often you check the calendar, it’s STILL 22 days away from the release of Mockingjay, and you’ve read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire a zillion times already. And not that you don’t want to read them a zillion-and-one-times, because who doesn’t? but you’ve noticed lately that each reading doesn’t soothe you anymore — it just ratchets up your hardcore case of TEABS.

Remember this monstrosity?

(Hang with me, here. I’m getting to the point, not just inflicting RPatz’s ersatz visage on you for no reason [um, and not just because I wanted to use the phrase “RPatz’s ersatz visage.” Really.) Now YOU TOO can turn to the art form that’s calmed legions of grannies and you don’t have to rub salt into the mockingjay-shaped wound on yr heart by staring at RPatz’s face while you do it, unless you just really want to.

Finished Mockingjay cross stitch design

That’s right. You can cross-stitch your very own mockingjay, thanks to our little pattern (and Sarah, who came up with the idea after being horrified by the Twicrafts out there). It’s small and will only take you a couple of episodes of Law & Order: SVU to finish (is there any way to cast Ice-T in The Hunger Games movie?).

Put it on a bookmark like I did, or make a bandage for yr TEABS wound. you can even decorate a lacy hankie for all the tears you’ll be shedding when you finish Mockingjay and everyone’s dead and you realize there will never be another book and it’s all over, like the life of a tribute named Sweetless Q. Crylily at the Cornucopia.

Mockingjay cross stitch layout

Stay tuned for more Hunger-Games-inspired crafty home ec lessons to keep you busy during these sleepless nights of anticipation.

Meghan is an erstwhile librarian in exile from Texas. She loves books, cooking and homey things like knitting and vintage cocktails. Although she’s around books all the time, she doesn’t get to read as much as she’d like.