Happy Halloween, friends! We’ve rounded up some of the best suspense and slasher classics streaming today. Luckily, Hulu and Amazon Prime have a lot of overlap when it comes to movies, so if you have one, but not the other, you may still have access to some of these films. Hulu has a bunch of horror franchises, and Amazon Prime carries plenty of old school classics and pulpy horror. I’ve also included some thrillers here for those who prefer things a little less gory. (Fine, it’s me, alright?)


Title: The Crow
Year: 1999
Fix: Cult Classic

The dream of the ‘90’s is alive on Netflix. A year after rock singer, Eric, and his fiancee are brutally murdered, he comes back from the grave, bent on revenge. The Crow’s star, Brandon Lee, was famously accidentally shot on set and died of his wounds, in the last week of filming. The film is based on a comic superhero, and is very much a dark, violent, and moody origin story.

Title: Scream
Year: 1996
Fix: Classic Slasher

A year after her mother’s murder, teenage Sidney is being stalked by a killer who’s obsessed with horror movies. Written by Kevin Williamson, of Dawson’s Creek fame, Scream is stacked with some of the biggest names of the ‘90’s, including Skeet Ulrich and Party Of Five’s Neve Campbell, both of whom starred in The Craft that same year. Netflix currently has all four Scream movies.

Title: The Invitation
Year: 2015
Fix: Psychological Thriller

A man accepts an invitation from his ex-wife to bring his new girlfriend to dinner at her house. While dealing with eerie interactions and the lingering trauma from their marriage, he begins to suspect ulterior motives for being invited. The Invitation is directed by Karyn Kusama, who directed one of my all-time favorite horror movies, Jennifer’s Body (which is sadly not currently streaming).

Also on Netflix: Texas Chainsaw MassacreHushGreen RoomTucker & Dale Vs. Evil


Title: Annihilation
Year: 2018
Fix: Science Mystery

A biologist signs up for a secret expedition into a dangerous quarantined zone where the laws of physics no longer apply. The insane cast features Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, and Gina Rodriquez as the badass mission crew, and there’s some Oscar Isaac eye candy thrown in. Annihilation is a science fiction, psychological thriller, and horror movie all rolled into one. I thought about this story for a long time after leaving the theater.

Title: Wounds
Year: 2019
Fix: Psychological Horror

This new Hulu Original Film stars smokin’ hot Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, and Zazie Beetz. Armie plays a New Orleans bartender (at a gross dive bar) who starts to experience disturbing and mysterious phenomena after he picks up a phone left behind in his bar. Wounds is intense and gruesome and may leave you with more questions than answers.

Title: A Quiet Place
Year: 2018
Fix: Post-Apocalyptic Aliens

The Abbott family struggles to survive, living in relative silence, in order to hide from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing. Starring adorbs supercouple, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, it was written and directed by Krasinski. Thank goodness this is now streaming and we can feel free to munch on all the chips and queso we want, without having to worry about disturbing a silent theater.

Also on Hulu: The Amityville Horror, The Purge, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Amazon Prime

Title: Hereditary
Year: 2018
Fix: Supernatural Horror

When the matriarch of the Graham family dies, her family begins to unravel terrifying secrets about their ancestry. Featuring the amazing Toni Collette and a super unsettling atmosphere, Hereditary is a horror film rooted in family dynamics. Believe the hype, you will be shook.

Title: Children of the Corn
Year: 1984
Fix: Rural Supernatural Slasher

Based on a short story by Stephen King, Vicky (played by OG badass, Linda Hamilton) and her boyfriend, Burt, are driving to Seattle when they’re forced to stop in the seemingly abandoned town of Gatlin, Nebraska. They encounter some super creepy children who have formed a cult that will do anything to ensure a successful corn harvest. This is one of the classic slumber party horror flicks of the 1980’s.

Title: Suspiria
Fix: Suspenseful Art Horror

This remake of a 1977 Dario Argento Italian horror classic is about an American (played by Dakota Johnson) who enrolls in a world-renowned dance academy run by a coven of witches. Set in Berlin in 1977, Suspiria co-stars Tilda Swinton as three different characters. It is a gory fever dream that explores elements of femininity and power.

Also on Amazon Prime: Silence Of The Lambs, The Love Witch, Ginger Snaps

What are you watching tonight? Did we leave off one of your scary streaming favorites? Share it in the comments!

Kandis (she/her) is a proud member of the Austin FYA book club chapter who loves vampires, romance novels, live tweeting CW shows, and Jonah Griggs. She’s not like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.