Y’all! Our first Sarah Dessen Netflix adaptation finally has a trailer, and I couldn’t be more excited to see Colby (and yeah, okay, Auden and Eli) on the screen! Take a gander:

My first reactions:

  • Clementine’s looks PERFECT. Exactly how I pictured it. You can tell the set designer has visited many, many Southern beach town boutiques.

  • Emma Pasarow seems appropriately intense as Auden. Like, maybe it’s because she’s a brunette like Sarah Dessen, but she has the look of a Dessen heroine, all the way.

  • I think I’m into Belmont Cameli as Eli? I’m not immediately sold like I was with Noah Centineo in TATBILB, and he’s not what I pictured exactly, but I am digging his vibe.

  • There are obviously recognizable adult actors in this movie but, like, who cares?

  • I did get chills when Heidi (Kate Bosworth) tells Auden, “Life is long. It’d be boring if we had to stay the same versions of ourselves the whole time.” That moment is giving me MAJOR SARAH DESSEN, and I am HERE FOR IT.

So, what’s y’all’s take? Based purely on the trailer, do you think this adaptation will do the book justice? Pedal over to the comments and join me for further analysis!

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