It’s a choose your own adventure kind of day today, so choose whichever musical salutation(s) fits you best: Happy Eras Tour on streaming day! Happy new Kacey Musgraves music today! Happy new JT music today!


In this week’s first Stream It, Stephanie watched Quiz Lady, a heartfelt comedic movie with Sandra Oh and Awkwafina that’s worth a watch.

Regina Peters reviewed Ahsoka in another Stream It post, a show to watch once you’ve watched Star Wars: Rebels.

In book reviews:

  • Brian reviewed Isaac Fitzsimon’s The Passing Playbook, a feel-good queer love story with a side of soccer.
  • Mandy C. reviewed Roselle Lim’s Night for Day, a love story where gods interfere with two humans’ love lives (as they are wont to do).

Book-Related Things

When a random antagonist is described as attractive…

New Jandy Nelson book coming this fall!

It’s me, hi.

Onscreen Things

Matt Bomer joins the cast of dark comedy Outcome with Keanu Reeves and others.

Margaret Qualley has been cast as Amanda Knox in the Hulu limited series. If you need an Amanda Knox primer or refresher, we previously reviewed the documentary.

If you haven’t watched Ryan Gosling’s performance multiple times by now, now is the time to remedy that.

And now that you’ve (re)watched the “I’m Just Ken” performance, read all about the planning of the performance.

Social Media Things

Further Oscars Ken content, because the best things come in threes.

I can hear both Jacob Black and Duncan Wedderburn in these photos but have a very difficult time choosing between them.

Messi, the dog from Anatomy of a Fall, needed a helping paw to applaud at the Oscars.

The four moods, as demonstrated by Pride and Prejudice

This does not go at all the way you think it will.

Miscellaneous Things

This section is dedicated this week to the surprise *NSYNC reunion at JT’s surprise LA show on 3/13 because this was the first time in…22? years that they have actually sang *NSYNC songs, together, on a stage, and I was not emotionally prepared for that. (The brief VMA appearance and the Trolls song do not count.) Stop teasing everyone and do a reunion tour already.

Whataburger gets me.

As part of this, they performed “Paradise,” the song on JT’s album (out today) featuring *NSYNC, and it sounds so, so much like an *NSYNC song in the best way.

They ALSO did some classic *NSYNC songs before it went back to being the JT show people had expected.

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