This sums up my feelings lately:

Also, happy new Bridgerton week!


In this week’s Stream It, Sarah rights an egregious wrong and reviews the rom-com classic 13 Going on 30.

In this week’s Book Reports:

Book-Related Things

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Here’s a cover reveal and excerpt for Ally Carter’s new adult novel, The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year.

“How to Fight a Fairy Tale: Retellings in the Age of Romantasy.”

“Retelling Classic Fairy Tales: Seven Must-Read Collections and Anthologies.”

“Five SF Novels About Rediscovering Ancient Tech.”

Onscreen Things

Binging Part I of Bridgerton? Come over and join us in the discussion post with your thoughts!

“Nicola Coughlan Asked to Be ‘Very Naked’ in a ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Scene as a ‘F— You’ to Body Shamers: I Want to ‘Remember How Hot I F—ing Looked’.”

Ralph Ineson (The Witch) and Natasha Lyonne have joined the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Red, White & Royal Blue’s Taylor Zakhar Perez hints at a trilogy.

Coming soon!

Book yourself a Gilmore Girls-inspired getaway in West Hartford. (Check out all of our Gilmore Girls content here.)

Prime Video’s ordered Pop Culture Jeopardy, the first streaming spinoff of the original.

Nicolas Cage will star in a Spider-Man Noir series. (Which better be in black and white.)

Amazon’s ordered a Roadhouse sequel. And a Legally Blonde prequel.

Andrew McCarthy’s Brat Pack documentary, Brats, will premiere on Hulu June 13.

Sarah’s very excited about both of these films.

HotD bringing back sexy co-stars photoshoots! (Check out all of our Game of Thrones content here.)

“Can Vanderpump Rules Recover From Tom Sandoval’s Redemption Arc?”

Social Media Things

Welp, we can never unsee this.

This is very much an intersection of our interests.

Every. Time.

“Previously in this book series …”

Where do you … bookmark?

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lying to my loved ones about my birthday themes has become one of my favorite activities. #doctor #doctorwho #who #whoverse #newdoctor #bbc #making #engineering #craft

♬ original sound – Doctor Who – Doctor Who

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We don’t hate this reboot idea.

Miscellaneous Things

“Poetry and literary analysis are cool for once thanks to Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.”

This is an interesting article on the other side of Taylor Swift fandom.

It wouldn’t be my week without some Glen Powell *grumble* news: Apparently he tried out for Friday Night Lights.

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