About the Book

Title: The Dark Shore (The Atlanteans #2)
Published: 2013
Series: The Atlanteans
Swoonworthy Scale: 7

Cover Story: Left Behind Syndrome
BFF Charm: Platinum Edition
Talky Talk: Fantasmic
Bonus Factors: Atlantis, A Quest
Relationship Status: Happily Ever After

Spoiler Alert: This is the second book in a series. Spoilers ahead for the first.

Cover Story: Left Behind Syndrome

I’ve talked ad nauseam about covers like this, but alas, they are still getting made.

The Deal

Owen, Lilly and Leech have just escaped EdenWest in the Atlantean ship, but as they travel over the climate-ravaged land, their troubles are only beginning. They’ve heard about another colony, Dessena, that claims to have the third Atlantean, but where the horrors of EdenWest were hidden beneath the surface, they are celebrated in Dessena, and this new girl, the third Atlantean may not be all she seems.

BFF Charm: Platinum Edition

BFF platinum charm

I absolutely adore Owen. He’s the very special kind of boy I hope I’d raise if I had a son. Of course, there were times in this book, as he continued to develop as a character, that I got exasperated with him for being SUCH a BOY, but ultimately he made me very proud.

But now I need to talk about Lilly, because she stole my heart. Lilly is the kind of girl who’s is so strong and smart, and who doesn’t seek attention because she’s confident in herself. She’s a true feminist, and the kind of girl I’d want my imaginary son to be with.

Swoonworthy Scale: 7

Love triangles. I hate ’em. Yet somehow, I found myself completely caught up in the drama when Owen and Lilly meet Seven. Perhaps it was the fact that it was told from the perspective of a really great (if sometimes clueless) boy. Perhaps it was the fact that — being the stoic type myself — I felt so much for Lilly as she watched Seven waltz in with her flirtatiousness and brashness, doing everything she could to get Owen’s (and everyone else’s) attention, that I wished I could reach through the pages, just to say, “Nooooo! You can’t fix crazy! Don’t fall for THAT girl! She is BAD NEWS!” Perhaps it was how Emerson managed to still make Seven a sympathetic character, even though I wanted to hate her. Or perhaps it was the fact that on top of all of these things, the author just writes scenes that are — and I hate this word, but there’s just no better way to say it — hot. Add all that to the incredible emotional depth written into this story and these characters, and this book was swoonerific.

Talky Talk: Fantasmic

This is just about the perfect fantasy. It’s well paced and full of action, but also rich with character development. The setting is vivid and a plausible future world — as far as fantasies/dystopias go — and the world building is the perfect balance of in-depth but not overwhelming. Then there’s the part where it’s just plain old simple good story telling.

Bonus Factor: Atlantis

sculpture at bottom of ocean

Really, there’s absolutely nothing cooler than Atlantean lore, amiright?

Bonus Factor: A Quest

Characters from Goonies studying a treasure map

One of the coolest things about this particular quest is that our heroes don’t completely know if they should complete it. There’s a chance that it could fix everything, but it could also… destroy the world.

Relationship Status: Happily Ever After

This series and I decided to get hitched after we met in the first installment, and I’m happy to say that — a year later — I’m just as in love with it as ever. We’ve already both grown and changed as people (er, book) and were each able to encourage each other in that growth, which is really one of the most important things in a partner. So I’m pretty confident that with this book at my side, the future looks bright.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received my review copy from Harper Collins. I received neither money nor cocktails for writing this review (dammit!). The Dark Shore is available now.

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