Title: My Mad Fat Diary S2.E06 “Not I”
My Mad Fat Diary S2.E07 “Glue”
Released: 2014
Series:  My Mad Fat Diary

We’re back, and finally there’s something to celebrate! Last week was a low point for Rae (and those of us watching), but rest assured, it gets better. So much better.

The Official FYA My Mad Fat Diary Drinking Game

Drink once every time:

Rae doubts herself
Rae compares herself to someone else
Rae’s diary includes a drawing of genitalia or swear words
Rae’s mum says something dorky but well-meaning
Karim manages to communicate how lovely he is

Drink twice every time: 

Rae sasses Kester
Rae gets positive attention from members of the opposite sex (take a shot if she actually acts on it without overanalyzing)
Rae does something to set back her progress
You exclaim, “I love this song!”

2.6 “Not I”

Dear Diary

Chloe’s missing, which leaves Rae in the lurch as far as the school’s choral concert goes – Chloe’s supposed to be the lead. Now Rae has to pick up the slack…

…and Chloe’s diary. The temptation is impossible to resist.

And, of course, Chloe’s diary doesn’t paint Rae in the best light—which is somewhere between how Chloe wants to see herself, and reality. Rae is totally enraged at first, but realizes that Chloe isn’t a terrible person so much as a lost little girl, and Rae hasn’t been the best friend to her. In fact, Chloe has been horribly worried about Rae, and Rae has been kind of awful to her.

Rae’s solution? She leave Chloe’s parents a note to tell her where she thinks Chloe is (Creepy Abusive Dude Ian’s House), and tries to fill in for her at the choral concert.

It’s a disaster. And Rae’s mother and Karim don’t show up, because her mum is so mad at her.

On the Human Crud On The Bottom Of My Shoe front, Liam is as shitty as ever, and Kester is NOT happy to hear that he and Rae are “dating.” Ish. This is clearly because Liam is a garbage person who does garbage things and Kester is an Adult Who Gets It, but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Rae from following Liam after he’s disrupted group therapy, and sleeping with him. NO!!! NO, RAE, NO. DON’T REWARD GARBAGE PEOPLE. At least Kester FULLY LAYS INTO LIAM in a most glorious manner.

“I loathe performing”

Shittiest Teen Comment

None stand out as THE WORST, but Rae’s self-centered crap is really frustrating to watch.

Awkward Mum Moment

Hard to be awkward when your mother is basically ignoring the fact that you exist.

Best Song of the Episode

REM’s “Bang and Blame” is perfect for Rae’s realization that she’s acting like a turd.

The Moment When We Are All Rae

Public. Singing. Nightmare.

Quotable Rae

Rae: “This was worse than being repeatedly being stung in the vagina by a jellyfish.”

2.7 “Glue”

Dear Diary


Recap over!

No? Well, fine. Rae wakes up after having had sex with Liam, which obviously is terrible because he still treats Rae terribly. Her whole life is terrible, actually: Chloe is still missing, the gang is practically nonexistent because Chop can’t handle the fact that Archie is gay, and Izzy and Chop aren’t together because of it.

What a mess.

But we’ve got to give our girl Rae some credit, because she does do the right thing: she breaks up with Liam (GLORIOUSLY), she gets the gang back together, and when she comes home to find her mother collapsed, she makes sure her mum gets to the hospital.

Rae’s baby sister is born, and healthy, but her mother remains in critical condition. Kester tries to knock some sense into her, too. This puts everything into perspective for her, so she brings Chloe home, works things out with her mum, and basically arranges for the gang to work everything out (Izzy and Chop get back together).

And Rae’s got a new outlook on life, where she stops thinking of herself as a fat, ugly, shitty friend but a daughter, friend, and survivor. It’s a good place for her.

But the best part? Out with the shitty old Liam, in with SHINY NEW FINN. FINN COMES BACK FROM LINCOLNSHIRE AND THEY TOTALLY DO IT.

It’s a good note to end the season.

Shittiest Teen Comment

Rae: “Why did you have to get pregnant? You already messed up one kid’s life.”

Awkward Mum Moment

Hard to be awkward when you’re in a coma.

Best Song of the Episode

Jeff Buckley’s “Mojo Pin” is definitely music for a meltdown.

The Moment When We Are All Rae

How awesome is her new room, and the sweet moment between Rae, her mum, and Karim?

Quotable Rae

Rae: “Is this how it works? Aren’t you allowed back into a hospital unless you do something extreme? Do you have to show you’re broken on the inside by breaking yourself on the outside?”

Next week: the first two episodes of the 3-episode Series 3!