A male stripper's back as he's ripping off his shirt.


Title: La Bare
Released: 2014

Fix: Magic Mike IRL
Platforms: Currently not streaming anywhere from what I found (in 2022)

Official Summary:

As in all magic, there’s a trick. Strip away the sexiness and partying and this game is all about the power of illusion.

FYA Summary:

Male strippers. Texas. Inspiration for Magic Mike. That’s all need to know. Here we go!

Familiar Faces:

None, unless you frequent the actual club…but have you MET the director?

Joe Manganiello as the director and interviewer

Honorable mention to Pablo, the man who sets the stage, operates the fog machine, and picks up the dolla dolla bills. He takes his job very seriously.

Couch-Sharing Capability: High

This was made for sitting around with your ladies and giggling. That’s not to totally make light of the stories involved, because they can often be pretty compelling, but in the end it’s pretty nicely-shot male entertainment. And it’s nice that they put a lot of thought into their routines. Plus, you’re going to want your friends around for a couple of WHAT THE HELL moments (and one comes pretty early on).

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Medium to High

The body issues presented here are really interesting: not just ladies who go to the club to feel pretty, but there are definitely dudes who have issues about whether they’re wanted. (For the record, Caesar, you’re basically my metal teen dream. Join my book club!)

And then some of them are just total dicks.

What I loved was that ladies who are outside of conventional beauty standards were interviewed, and not treated as anything but gals who would like some validation and attention. As do we all. Because isn’t that the point? A night of attention, escapism, and ridiculousness.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Drinking Game!

The Official FYA La Bare Drinking Game:

Take one sip:

  • When a non-dancer swears he’s screwed so many ladies. SO MANY. (Sorry, you’re going to be so drunk in five minutes)
  • For every dance scene
  • Every time Pablo cleans something off the stage
  • Old photographs!

Take two sips:

  • Every time you hear about someone’s actual career dream
  • Whenever someone says “tits” or variation thereof
  • When a dude tries to suggest a TERRIBLE name for himself

A shot when:

  • You catch an eye roll during the amateur competition.
  • You hear the words MASTER BLASTER
  • Mommy issues
  • It gets dark. Real dark.

Apologies to your livers.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this quote: “Life is a bitch with a pretty-ass face. You know? You could let life fuck you, or you could say, stop. I’m going to fuck you back, life. Stop. I’m gonna box you. You ain’t going to get the best of me.”