Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians S1.E06 “We Take a Zebra to Vegas”
Released: 2024

Hero of the Week: Grover
Riordan Readalong:
The Lightning Thief, Chapters 16 to 17

Previously: “A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers”

Last week, I asked y’all to choose the hypothetical scenario that you’d most like to see: Grover singing more satyr songs (11%); Athena gossiping with her owl (16%); or Ares retelling more Greek myths (74%). MAKE IT SO, DISNEY.

Demigod Diaries

Percy (Walker Scobell) has another weird dream again — only this time, it feels like he’s eavesdropping. He figures out that dreams must be how the lightning thief has been communicating and conspiring with The Voice.

In the waking world, the trio arrive at the Lotus Hotel and Casino after the animals they were hitching a ride with get liberated from the freight truck. The trio splits up to look for Hermes (Lin-Manuel Miranda), with Percy and Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries) finding him first. Unfortunately, Hermes refuses to help them get to the Underworld. But fortunately, Hermes does have car keys for Annabeth to steal.

Before Percy and Annabeth can leave, they have to find Grover (Aryan Simhadri) — if they can even remember who he is. Grover’s starting to forget who he is too — and just as he ran into Augustus (Ted Dykstra), an older satyr who claims to have found Pan. When the trio reunites, what felt like mere minutes turns out to have been days: time moves differently in the Lotus Hotel, and Hermes wasted enough of theirs for the summer solstice to have passed.

Our heroes leave the casino in Hermes’ cab, which magically transports them to a beach in Santa Monica. Percy goes into the ocean to talk to a representative water nymph, who says Poseidon’s getting ready for war and Percy’s been released from his quest. But Percy freaking Jackson doesn’t give up that easily, so the nymph gives him 4 pearls to return from the Underworld and his mission: save the world, and then save his mother.

Hero of the Week

No one really had a standout episode, but I’ll give it to Grover out of pity because he keeps getting third wheeled and left behind by Percy and Annabeth, lol. At least he’s also getting closer to finding Pan and providing solid amnesia humour.

Overheard Olympians

Luke: “When did you turn into an old married couple?”

Percy: “Not to change the subject, but I’m gonna.”

Amazing segue to incorporate into our own lives.

Grover: “I mean, some of these guys, so smart. They were really only missing, like, one piece of the puzzle to get the cages unlocked.”

Percy: “What’s that?”

Grover: “Thumbs.”

Grover’s earnest delivery really sells the animal stanning.

Percy: “This seems dangerous.”

Grover: “They’ll be totally fine. I gave them a satyr’s blessing, so they’ll be able to reach the wilderness safely.”

Percy: “I meant for the people.”

Nah, Grover’s priorities are fine.

Grover: “Your mom told you all the stories. Did she read you the Odyssey?”

Percy: “The graphic novel. It counts.”


Percy: “What do you think, Wise Girl?”

Annabeth: “Just don’t eat anything.”

Grover: “Wait, why were you looking at me when you said that?”

Annabeth knows her audience!

Percy: “You picked Hermes’ pocket?”

Annabeth: “I’m multi-talented.”

A well-rounded queen!

Grover: “Guys, I gotta say: so far, this quest is really exciting. Really hoping we find that car.”

Annabeth: “Finding the car isn’t the quest.”

Grover: “There’s more?”

Clueless Grover is easily impressed.

Grover: “Little weird that I forgot a lot more than you guys did. Wonder what that’s about.”

Annabeth: “We weren’t alone. It’s easy to forget what’s important when you’re alone.”

A little cheesy, but continuing that idea of never being alone again now that they have each other!

Riordan Readalong

Note: This section discusses the show as a book adaptation. Click here to skip to the next section.

The Lightning Thief, Chapters 16 to 17, with the episode named after Chapter 16.

Some spoiler-minimal series reader observations:

  • Grover’s ability to talk to animals and the first Wise Girl finally make it to the show!

  • We also get to see the first Iris message, which is no longer called IMing, because the children would not understand that reference.

  • Instead of going to the Lotus Hotel to talk to Hermes, the book trio unintentionally ends up there and figure out that time is passing differently by talking to casino patrons.

  • Big change: there’s still one day before the summer solstice when the trio gets to Santa Monica in the book.

  • The water nymph also gives Percy three pearls in the book instead of four.

Greek Chorus

  • Percy was just a little too quick to call for Clarisse’s arrest, lol.

  • Fitting that Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” takes over as the Lotus Hotel song from Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” in the movie.

  • Hermes complaining about parenting is rich, considering that the gods are all absentee parents.

  • It’s also a little strange that Hermes has a whole monologue about not getting involved in mortal affairs anymore, only to give our heroes instructions on how to get to the Underworld.

  • There’s something so charming about a ‘kids not knowing how to drive’ scene. These mighty heroes have survived every creature they’ve encountered, but they can’t figure out heavy machinery!

  • Fun fact: one of the co-writers of this episode, Joe Tracz, wrote the book for the Percy Jackson stage musical! (He also co-wrote Episode 1.4, both with Jonathan E. Steinberg and ending with Percy underwater.)

  • Speaking of Episode 1.4, this one also felt short and abrupt — maybe even more so, since not much really happens. This is definitely the most table-setting of the bunch so far.

Percy Poll

Confession: I was not particularly enthused about the Hermes casting when it was first announced. Don’t get me wrong — Lin-Manuel Miranda is very talented, but acting isn’t even his best skill. I did try to keep an open mind, and he was… fine? I’m still pretty lukewarm (har), but what say y’all?

Hermes is:

  • Lin-Manuel Meh-randa (52%)
  • Lin-Manuel Marvelous (43%)
  • Lin-Manuel Miserable (5%)
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