Title: Skins S1.E08 “Effy”
Released: 2007
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Michelle”

We’re in the final stretch of Skins Series 1 and if it wasn’t already wildly apparent that pretty much everyone on this show is a sociopath, Effy’s episode really proves it.  While the episode is centered on finding out what Effy does at night after sneaking out, it also finally gives weight and repercussions to Tony’s insane behavior to everyone around him. While we don’t learn that much about Effy (she’s so mysterious! Do we really ever know Effy?), we do learn more about Tony as well. Here’s what we learn about the Stonem siblings.

1. Effy’s completely silent

Effy only utters a few, completely nonsensical sentences after Josh and his floppy haired friend inject some drug in her system. However, before that, she primarily communicates through sneering glances, occasional giggles and bedroom eyes. Yet, somehow everyone knows who she is?

2. Effy embodies the Skins lifestyle

Effy has sneaking out down to a science. She wears her huge PJs over her going out clothes (one of my favorite teen sneaking around tropes) and after saying goodnight to her parents, stores them behind a garbage can. And then Tony pretends to be Effy when their parents check in her room.

This gives Effy the freedom to go to a warehouse “party”, take E and swing on a sex swing (?) with a random floppy haired dude. And then they go to this super weird party that’s at like a manor with Josh—who appears to know her.

3. Effy might be the only person Tony loves

Tony goes to huge lengths to track Effy down when she disappears.

Josh exacts his revenge on Tony for the naked pictures of his sister/Michelle relationship with an extremely intense plan. First, he receives a call about Effy getting arrested and then gets the shit kicked out of him while seeing her duck into a van. He gets a series of cryptic calls and messages to let him know where Effy is.

When he gets to the weird manor party, things get super fucked up. He sees that Effy is completely passed out and tries to call an ambulance. But Josh makes sure that doesn’t happen—him and the floppy haired dude beat up Tony and strip him all while telling him that he has to fuck Effy. He cries. Is it the first time we see Tony cry this season?

But he stays with her next in the hospital and you can just tell that he really loves her which is so uncharacteristic for him.

4. Tony finally has to take responsibility

The whole Josh situation hopefully shows Tony that if he does shitty stuff, he’ll eventually (or people around him) will pay for it. Which also ends up resonating with his friends as well.

All of his friends are finally blowing him off too, rightly choosing Michelle in the breakup. He’s so lonely that he asks a random dude on the street to hang out and ends up smoking alone.

It’s Tony so of course he has to go and intrude on his friends who are not excited to see him—and he’s still an asshole to them by breaking their sugar cube pyramid.

He admits to Sid everything he did with Josh and Michelle. Sid’s obviously disgusted.

5. Effy and Tony’s parents are pretty nuts

While their opening family dinner on the surface seems fairly normal, things get weird pretty quickly. Their dad tells a weird story about carving a turkey which gets heated between him and Tony over whether or not a thigh is sexy. (FYA Poll: Is a thigh sexy?) What is it with all the parents being completely awful people on this show?

6. And so are they

Effy seems to maybe be a mild pyromaniac. Tony’s still such a dick to Sid even though he’s the only person who will help him find Effy.

Tony kind of talks to Sid about knowing that he’s fucked up—that he doesn’t want to be a wanker anymore. I think maybe he just needs meds because who knows if he’s even telling the truth.

Necessary Effy/Tony Judgment

“You’re stressing me out.”

Random Observations

  • I would like to be taught how to perfect Effy’s smoky eye game.

  • How does Effy always end up with a very talkative, borderline annoying friend?

  • Why are all these dudes wearing douchey neon scarves?

  • I think it’s pretty uncool how everyone keeps blaming Sid for Cassie’s suicide attempt.

  • “You think Tony loves you?” Dang Jal, even for you, that was way harsh.

  • Josh tries to get Michelle back again. I kind of feel bad for him but he’s also a total crazy person. Michelle dodged a bullet with British Miles Teller.

  • Who is the guy in the wolf mask?

  • Does Effy do heroin? Is that heroin? I am very concerned.

  • I’m so glad that Sid yells at Tony and tells him that everyone hates him.

  • Sid and Cassie FINALLY get it together and kiss. By that, I mean Sid semi does. It’s super romantic and cute but he can’t stop the pull of Tony.

  • Cassie’s outfit is so good. And she’s the only who really sees how garbage they all are.

  • I hate that Michelle answers her phone for Tony but I totally get why she does. Even though he’s awful, she can’t just turn it off.

  • The “dangerous” music score while Josh is beating up Tony is hilarious!

  • Pretty glad Tony’s mom talked about his “horrid little ways.”

  • Sid, why do you keep taking Tony back?!

Next week: It’s the finale y’all! It’s focused on EVERYONE. Is guess that a rager will be involved off-base?

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