Title: Skins S2.E09 “Cassie”
Released: 2008
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Jal”

We all knew it was coming, THE episode of Skins! The DEATH EPISODE. It’s also the episode, I’m guessing that made them decide that they had to off someone in practically every series post for maximum teen angst/sadness/spiraling.

Speaking of spiraling, Cassie’s in a BIG spiral. Even though she has Sid back, is happy where she’s living—she’s still really lost it. Add caring for Chris post-brain surgery and final exams on her plate, she’s really not doing well. Here’s what we learn about Cassie.

1. She’s gotten more negative

Frankly, Cassie is a bummer. Yes, she’s gone through a ton of shit, but maybe not nearly as much as Sid, Chris, Tony, etc. but she’s the one who has the worst attitude about everything.

Cassie got her final exam rescheduled, but clearly doesn’t give a fuck. She sasses her professor and just generally doesn’t care. She talks about how not eating was the happiest time of her life because she had power. But she has a super interesting convo about bad things happening with her professor who gives her some major #realtalk.

She talks to Sid about how much she hates everything. It’s pretty sad to see Cass spiraling so deeply—she’s already seeing the end of her and Sid post-school. It seems like Sid is trying to get Cassie out of whatever she’s in, but it’s not working at all.

2. Living with Chris is good for her

It’s strange to see how close Cassie and Chris have gotten but it makes sense. And it’s super nice to see Cassie actually talking to someone. It is awkward seeing her change his catheter and more awkward when he gets a boner.

She also deals with seeing his mom who left him. Chris’s mom apparently heard about him and Cass tries to get her to come see him but she won’t. It’s completely bizarre. When she tries to tell him, she hears him crying. All this isn’t helping her negative stance on things. But she can’t bear to tell Chris about his mom showing up and how can you blame her?

3. Her relationship with Sid is fraught

Much of this stems from him being with Michelle, but I think some of it might be because Sid is pretty dumb. I mean, Cassie tricks him into changing Chris’s catheter even though she already has done it and gets him punched.

It’s even worse when she leaves for her exam and asks him if he has anything to say to her—she’s obviously asking for the L WORD (not the show unfortunately) but he ends up saying some shit he shouldn’t say out loud about Michelle saying he’s good at sex.

It doesn’t help when Sid invites Michelle and Tony over for a dinner party. Michelle tries to apologize but it doesn’t matter to Cassie.

4. She likes to run

We’ve seen Cassie’s perchance for running away or appearing when no one expects her. But she takes that to the extreme after Chris dies. She packs up, calls 911 and runs to New York.

Cass totally lucks out when she gets to NYC. First she’s taken to “some place nice” by a generous cabbie who gives her money to eat. Next, she finds a beautiful photographer from Iowa who lets her stay with him in his apartment. They become friends and it appears that he is also grieving over a (dead?) girlfriend.

He leaves to go take pictures somewhere, leaving Cass to stay at his place which is completely insane. You know I love this show, but there are certain things that I can’t deal with. But she’s finally able to cry after everything.

Fittingly, the final scene ends with her running.

RIP Chris

Chris is completely, utterly the best. He’s totally in love with Jal and calls her a woman of a “high caliber.” Obviously we know Chris is sick, even after the surgery, so when he dies it’s not entirely surprising. But seeing him back to himself, then unable remember Jal’s name and then dying is completely, utterly awful. Everyone on this show to a degree is a fuck up and oftentimes terrible, but Chris may have been the most genuine of the bunch.

Necessary Cassie (Also Chris) Judgment

Random Observations

  • Cassie reads Margaret Atwood to Chris.

  • Jal got a callback for music college.

  • Chris died for 3 minutes while in the hospital. That’s his justification for spliff.

  • Chris knew about the hemorrhage and NEVER TOLD ANYONE.

  • “Ah, love. Why cut yourself when you can be in love?” Cassie’s professor preaching the trust.

  • Disco is better than using a knife according to Cassie’s professor.

  • I love their impromptu dance party during the exam that Doug even joins.

  • Cassie just casually steals stuff from a store.

  • Why would Sid invite Tony and Michelle to a dinner?

  • Tony and Michelle aren’t together yet. And they are going to entirely different schools.

  • Chris says that everyone has seen Michelle naked.

  • I did not need to see Sid’s ass, ever.

  • Jal tells Chris that she’s pregnant off screen. They aren’t keeping it.

  • “Adam Sandler is quite sweet if you keep the sound down.”  Cassie

Next week: We’re done! Let’s see what everyone is up to—aka how much are they crying post-Chris.

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