The Sweetest Thing movie poster featuring Selma Blair, Cameron Diaz, and Christina Applegate


Title: The Sweetest Thing
Released: 2002

Fix: romantic comedies, besties, dance numbers, the aughts, Cameron Diaz
Platforms: Netflix

Netflix Summary: 

After meeting her potential soul mate, a commitment-averse young woman hits the road with her best friend on a wild, raunchy misadventure to find him.

FYA Summary:

Three ridiculously gorgeous women are living in an amazing San Francisco apartment, the world is their oyster. And because it’s a rom-com, they are required to be serial daters with commitment issues. Christina and Courtney take their friend Jane out to a club to cheer her up after a break-up and sparks fly when Christina meets Peter, who is there with his brother for a bachelor party. Cute snarky banter and one sex dream later, Christina is obsessing about Peter and how she’s always too scared to take chances on love. Courtney takes pity on her and plans a road trip for them to drive out to the wedding Peter and his brother are in so they can crash the party and Christina can have another chance with Peter. You will be shocked to learn that wacky hijinks ensue. Complete with a dance scene, two musical numbers, and a shopping montage.

Familiar Faces: 

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz as Christina

Cami D is at the peak of her rom-com game here, so all hail this legend. Courtney manages to be lovable and fun, despite her vaguely explained commitment phobia. Along with the other ladies, she looks like she is having the best time in this movie. Please come back to us, Cameron!

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate as Courtney

Auburn-haired so that Cameron is the only blonde, Applegate plays Courtney, the best friend. She’s super hot and confident in her own right, as well as going above and beyond in the friend department. Enjoy her with the cute cameo from her then-husband, Johnathon Schaech.

Selma Blair

Selma Blair as Jane

Poor Selma gets all the most embarrassing scenes in the movie. Is this some kind of rom-com hazing? Jane doesn’t get to go on the wild road trip, but she does get a rebound fling with a pretty himbo that leads to all sorts of potential injuries. 

Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane as Peter

Thomas Jane’s IMDb makes it seem like rom-coms weren’t really his thing. This role just calls for a bland nice guy who can be funny and the role might just as easily have been played by Josh Lucas, but he was busy filming Sweet Home Alabama

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman as Roger

Say what you will about Jason Bateman, he steals this movie. Roger is Peter’s sleazy brother who tried to help him out with “the hottie” and make it an epic bachelor weekend. He’s hilarious, and I’m sorry, but I think that beard is working for him.

Parker Posey

Parker Posey as Judy

Bless Parker Posey. We are not worthy. Did you even make a movie in the late 90’s/early aughts if Parker Posey wasn’t in it? Jane is the bride whose wedding gets crashed by the impetuous Christina and Courtney. She handles it all while looking amazing and knows it.

Couch-Sharing Capability: BFFs

The Sweetest Thing is refreshingly sex-positive, though raunchy as hell. They earn that R rating, so this is definitely not a family flick. But it’s perfect for a night in with your besties and the good junk food. I suggest a sundae bar! And then think of how none of the events in this movie would have happened if they had only let Jane stay in and nurse her broken heart with ice cream as god intended. 

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Thematic

The characters in the movie are seen drinking beers or martinis. But if you really want to get into the aughts spirit, it’s all about the cosmos and appletinis. Think Sex and the City! You don’t need to drink to enjoy this movie, but at least pour something into a martini glass and respect the theme.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Sweet, duh

Since that early aughts aesthetic is back with a vengeance (did the 90’s need company?) let’s just lean into it. The vinyl low-rise pants, the tiny bags, the going-out tops! It’s all here. But my favorite thing about The Sweetest Thing is that it’s less about romantic love than it is about friend love. We spend far more time with Christina and Courtney than we do with Peter and Christina. Their friendship has depth and history and shared spring break jokes. It’s silly and spontaneous and heartwarming. I don’t know about you, but those sound like perfect rom-com ingredients to me.

Kandis (she/her) is a proud member of the Austin FYA book club chapter who loves vampires, romance novels, live tweeting CW shows, and Jonah Griggs. She’s not like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.