This month’s FYA Book Club selection is Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This charming enemies-to-lovers rom-com stars two high school rivals who must team up to win their senior class scavenger hunt.

Check out the discussion questions below! (Slight spoilers ahead.)

P.S. If you’ve already read the book, feel free to add any other discussion questions of your own in the comments!


Did you ever create your own list of goals for your future self à la Rowan Roth’s Guide to High School Success? 

  • If so, what was on it? 
  • If not, what would your 14-year-old self have wanted to accomplish in high school? (Realistic or especially unrealistic!) 


1. This book feels like a love letter to Seattle. If you’ve been there, did you feel it was a good representation? If you haven’t, does this book make you want to go there?

2. Rachel Lynn Solomon uses Howl, the senior class scavenger hunt, as a fun framing device for the entire novel.

  • Which was your favourite part of Howl?
  • It’s obvious that Rowan and Neil were in it to win it, but what would your strategy (or lack thereof) be?

3. Writing the Enemies-to-Lovers trope can be tough, and a lot of Rowan and Neil’s animosity begins before the novel’s start, which also represents the beginning of an understanding between the characters. Did you like their hate-to-love chemistry and find it believable?

4. Rowan unexpectedly bonds with Neil over being one of the few Jewish students at their school – both the good and the bad. Their experience with bigotry in progressive spaces is unfortunately not uncommon. Do you have any tips for learning about microaggressions others may face and how to better support those communities? 

5. What did you think about Rowan’s parents and their decision to make this entire children’s series based on their daughter? 

6. Rowan is fiercely defensive about the romance novels that she reads and wants to write. She’s protective of her passion to the point of hiding it and avoiding the worst-case reactions that she’s dreading. What do you do when you encounter someone who doesn’t (or who you think won’t) get your hobby?

7. Where do you think Rowan and Neil end up in ten years? Do they stay together?

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