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Title: Project Mc2: Smart is the New Cool
Published: 2016

When I was asked if FYA wanted to take part in the Reading Without Walls blog tour I jumped at the chance to read something that I would normally never bat an eye at. Believe it or not, reading these books – Gene Luen Yang’s Secret Coders series and Jade Hemsworth’s Project MC2: Smart Is The New Cool – was me stepping OUT of my comfort zone. Sure, they’re written for middle-schoolers but coding? STEM? I was never particularly math-aversive, but I definitely was more comfortable reading novels than figuring out trigonometry equations.

The Official Word:


McKeyla McAlister: brilliant leader and savvy special agent for NOV8
Adrienne Attoms: culinary chemist and sweet scientist
Bryden Bandweth: technology guru and social media maven
Camryn Coyle: construction queen and engineer extraordinaire

Adorable Prince Xander is coming to town for his launch into outer space—and the students of Maywood Glen Academy can’t stop talking about it. No one even notices the mysterious new girl, McKeyla McAlister, who enrolls just before the big event.

The smartest girls at school—Adri, Bry, and Cam—think McKeyla is definitely I.A.W.A.T.S.T.—Interesting And Weird At The Same Time. They discover she is an agent for NOV8 (that’s Innovate), a top secret organization of super smart women, and her assignment is to keep the prince safe!

With the help of high tech gadgets, cool culinary chemistry, and some awesome teamwork, these girls may just save the world.

Wait, This Is an MG Book?

Project MC2: Smart Is The New Cool is based on a Netflix original series (which I will now have to consume, obvs) and it ticks so many of my boxes: girlfriends, smart girls, girl spies, and cute boys who just happen to be royalty. (I would like to join your girl gang, pls. I promise that I am also Interesting And Weird At The Same Time.) At just over 110 pages, it’s the perfect length for a mystery series of this reading level. I was particularly excited by the science experiments and puzzles that are in the back of the book. (What? NO I’m not going to do them at home by myself on a Friday night like a big nerd, who told you such lies??)

FTC Full Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Macmillan Books, but got neither mai tais nor money in exchange for these reviews (DAMMIT). Project MC2: Smart Is The New Cool is available now.

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Amanda Reid is an East Coast girl living in California who will never stop missing a true autumn. She’s a bookseller who specializes in kid and teen lit, and she bakes a damn fine pie.

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