Title: Hope Floats
Released: 1998

Fix: Romantic Comedy, Texas, Mother/Daughter Relationships, Sandra Bullock
Platforms: Starz, DirecTV, Spectrum On Demand

Netflix Summary:

Humiliated after learning of her husband’s infidelity on national TV, young mother Birdee returns to her hometown as her mother plays matchmaker.

FYA Summary:

Former beauty queen, Birdee, goes back to her small Texas town, to mend her broken heart, after her marriage implodes in a spectacularly public fashion. She has to figure out what she wants to do with her life – once she’s done stumbling around like a trainwreck. Luckily, she’s helped out by her tough love mother, and her adorable moppet daughter. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s pursued by former classmate turned hot architect, Justin.

Familiar Faces:

Sandra Bullock as Birdee Pruitt

But seriously, who cheats on Sandra Bullock? Especially 33 year-old, Practical Magic-era Sandra Bullock? What is wrong with America?

Harry Connick, Jr. as Justin Matisse

The most difficult thing to buy in this movie is how dismissive everyone in town seems to be of the totally adorable Justin. He builds houses? He’s super sweet to old women and children? Yes, what a loser.

Gena Rowlands as Ramona Calvert

Ramona is a delightful character, who doesn’t care a bit what anyone thinks of her, and always has hilariously practical advice for all occasions. This is perfect casting.

Mae Whitman as Bernice Pruitt

Baby Mae Whitman! Don’t you just want to squeeze her cheeks and put her in your purse?

Couch-Sharing Capability: Girls Night Out

Gather up your woohoo girls for a bit of southern swoon (but don’t forget those tissues)!  I’d like to be able to tell you that this just a Hollywood version of Texas. But no, I know a grown woman named Birdie, and I have been drunk in that same sweaty dance hall. It’s in the middle of nowhere, and it does not have air-conditioning. You can also congratulate yourselves on making better life choices than Birdee and I.

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Longneck Bottles

You’re gonna need some drinks. Especially to get through the first ten minutes. (When Sandra cries, I cry.) And then after that, because Birdee shouldn’t have to drink alone. Drinks all around! They go perfectly with the soundtrack on a hot summer porch night, Trust 1998 me.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Mama Knows

This is a quiet rom-com. There’s no dramatic chase scene at the airport, or to the big concert, or on the wedding day. And I kind of like that. I’m betting your summer could use a good swoon, and a good cry. 90’s era Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. Two-stepping, dance hall bars, and mamas dispensing life lessons. It works for country songs, and for rom-coms. You don’t even need to put your boots on!

Kandis (she/her) is a proud member of the Austin FYA book club chapter who loves vampires, romance novels, live tweeting CW shows, and Jonah Griggs. She’s not like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.