Title: Outlander S2.E10 “Prestonpans”
Released: 2016
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 0

Previously on Outlander: Jamie and Murtagh train the men for war, while Dougal has trouble accepting his role as Jamie’s subordinate. Claire suffers through WWII related PTSD.

War has begun, and the lines are drawn: between the camps, between the British and Scot soldiers, and between uneven and solid ground. What Jamie and Claire worked hard to prevent is now happening, in real time: Jamie is leading the army and Claire is tending to the soldiers in a nursing tent.

Dougal goes on a mission to see if the land is worth charging (which gets him a cap shot straight off his head and a hero’s welcome from the men). Thanks to a secret path through the woods, the Scots are able to surprise the British—but not without cost. Angus dies after saving Rupert from a battlefield death, Fergus sneaks off to make his first kill—which will surely scar him in some way—and Dougal loses it when he realizes Claire is tending to injured Brits.

The battle of Prestonpans ends as a Scot victory, but history has always been on their side here. Whether the battle of Culloden can be changed remains to be seen…and it’s not looking good.

Kilt Drops: 0

War is not sexy (although Jamie taking command is).

Wit and Wordplay

Dougal: “And now I’m off to change my breeks—because the hero of the hour has shit his pants!”

Makes me wonder how many people shit their pants during war. I’m going to guess “a lot.”

Prince Charles: “It is my destiny!”


Jamie: “This rebellion would never survive your death.”

The egos on these men. At least Jamie is smart to use it to his advantage.



  • Prince Charles really, really doesn’t get it. The Scots dying for your cause do not want to hear that the British will one day be “their friends again.” Also, that coat. No.

  • When Claire asks Murtagh to watch over Jamie—THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE FORSHADOWING. MURTAGH CANNOT DIE.

What did you think? Is there any hope for our favorite Scots?

Next week: war is hell.