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Outlander S1.E01 “Sassenach”
Outlander S1.E02 “Castle Leoch”
Outlander S1.E03 “The Way Out”
Outlander S1.E04 “The Gathering”
Outlander S1.E05 “Rent”
Outlander S1.E06 “The Garrison Commander”
Outlander S1.E07 “The Wedding”
Outlander S1.E08 “Both Sides Now”
Outlander S1.E09 “The Reckoning”
Outlander S1.E10 “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”
Outlander S1.E11 “The Devil’s Mark”
Outlander S1.E12 “Lallybroch”
Outlander S1.E13 “The Watch”
Outlander S1.E14 “The Search”
Outlander S1.E15 “Wentworth Prison”
Outlander S1.E16 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”
Outlander S2.E01 “Through A Glass, Darkly”
Outlander S2.E02 “Not In Scotland Anymore”
Outlander S2.E03 “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”
Outlander S2.E04 “La Dame Blanche”
Outlander S2.E05 “Untimely Resurrection”
Outlander S2.E06 “Best Laid Schemes”
Outlander S2.E07 “Faith”
Outlander S2.E08 “The Fox’s Lair”
Outlander S2.E09 “Je Suis Prest”
Outlander S2.E10 “Prestonpans”
Outlander S2.E11 “Vengeance Is Mine”
Outlander S2.E12 “The Hail Mary”
Outlander S2.E13 “Dragonfly in Amber”
Outlander S3.E01 “The Battle Joined”
Outlander S3.E02 “Surrender”
Outlander S3.E03 “All Debts Paid”
Outlander S3.E04 “Of Things Lost”
Outlander S3.E05 “Freedom & Whisky”
Outlander S3.E06 “A. Malcolm”
Outlander S3.E07 “Crème De Menthe”
Outlander S3.E08 “First Wife”
Outlander S3.E09 “The Doldrums”
Outlander S3.E10 “Heaven and Earth”
Outlander S3.E11 “Uncharted”
Outlander S3.E12 “The Bakra”
Outlander S3.E13 “Eye Of The Storm”
Outlander S4.E01 “America The Beautiful”
Outlander S4.E02 “Do No Harm”
Outlander S4.E03 “The False Bride”
Outlander S4.E04 “Common Ground”
Outlander S4.E05 “Savages”
Outlander S4.E06 “Blood Of My Blood”
Outlander S4.E07 “Down The Rabbit Hole”
Outlander S4.E08 “Wilmington”
Outlander S4.E09 “The Birds & The Bees”
Outlander S4.E10 “The Deep Heart’s Core”
Outlander S4.E11 “If Not For Hope”
Outlander S4.E12 “Providence”
Outlander S4.E13 “Man Of Worth”