Title: Outlander S2.E08 “The Fox’s Lair”
Released: 2016
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 1

Previously on Outlander: Way back in Scotland, Laoghaire had Claire sentenced to burn as a witch. In Paris, Claire played the witch and won Jamie’s release from the Bastille. Jamie and Claire failed to stop Prince Charles’ rebellion, and decided to go home to Scotland.

Claire and Jamie return to Scotland to immerse themselves in normalcy and Lallybroch, which is producing its first ever potato crop, at Claire’s recommendation. All is idyllic, until they find that Jamie’s name and lands have publicly been pledged for Charles’ Jacobite uprising, which means if the battle of Culloden comes to pass, Jamie is an automatic traitor to the crown. Jamie decides that since they haven’t been able to stop the rebellion, all that’s left is to try to help Charles win it. Jamie is dispatched by Prince Charles, to recruit more troops from his wily grandfather, Lord Lovat. Jamie’s sister, Jenny, vehemently disagrees with this errand, but no one listens. Lord Lovat has a history of playing both sides, and acquiring some of his brides by nefarious means.

At Beaufort Castle, they run into Colum MacKenzie. Claire’s not thrilled to see him, as she holds him responsible for letting her nearly be burnt at the stake. Colum has brought Laoghaire as his servant to Beaufort. She apologizes to Claire on her knees, Claire is pretty stone cold in her refusal of forgiveness. Jamie tries to sway the Scotsmen at dinner, to the rebellion’s side. Lord Lovat and the MacKenzie hold back committing to anything. Claire meets Maisri, Lord Lovat’s seer, as she’s being kicked out of the lord’s chambers, because he’s convinced she’s holding something back. Lovat wants Jamie to pledge his fealty (and his estate), in exchange for Lovat’s troops in the rebellion. The charming Lord Lovat threatens to have Claire raped to get Jamie’s cooperation. (Jesus, show, againDRINK.), so Jamie trots out that old White Lady story that scares people away from Claire.

Claire talks Laoghaire into using Simon (Lord Lovat’s hapless heir) into taking their side in the rebellion. She doesn’t seem to have much luck. Lord Lovat demands that Jamie sign over Lallybroch to Clan Fraser, or Lovat will sign a “neutrality agreement” with Colum MacKenzie, that keeps them out of the rebellion. Claire pretends to have a vision in the midst of these proceedings, and repeats what she heard from the seer, Maisri, that Lord Lovat will face the executioner. But she adds the symbol of Jacobite roses to the mix. Simon finds his grit, and stands up to Lord Lovat, to back Jamie on the rebellion. But the neutrality agreement is signed, with no troops pledged to Charles. Colum begs Jamie not to proceed on this fool’s errand.

As they ride away from Beaufort Castle, they see Lord Lovat’s troops joining them. The wily fox has committed his son and men to fight in the rebellion, while signing an agreement that spares his own neck, should they lose.

Kilt Drops: 1

  • Shirtless Jamie! Claire and Jamie seem to be finding their way back together with manly feats of strength. More classic bodice ripper displays, show! We could use them.

Wit and Wordplay

Jamie: “I didna ken that you can cook, Sassenach.”

Claire: “Well I’m not sure that I can cook. But I can certainly boil a potato.”

Jenny: “Tis not only degrading to crawl to that man and ask for his help, tis a fool’s errand.”

I have missed Jenny Murray.

Claire: “A woman has more to offer a man than her body.”

The feminist movement is a little ahead of its time.

Jamie: “I may have to rethink our agreement not to lie to one another.”


  • Jamie confesses to Claire that his father was Lord Lovat’s bastard. Acknowledged by the lord, but the son of a kitchen maid. Of course this doesn’t bother modern Claire. Can you imagine it bothering many ladies, when the result is Jamie?

  • Claire watching Jamie stay up late, pouring out his worries to his infant niece. HEARTBREAK.

  • I’m not ashamed to say, I also teared up at Fergus wanting to go to battle with his master. And with Jenny and Claire’s farewell. Did it feel a bit final?

  • This episode featured one of the biggest divergence from the books (correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a looong time since I read the book), with the reappearance of the awful Laoghaire, her begging forgiveness, and her assistance in swaying Simon to their side. What and the why? Let’s discuss!

Next week: Jamie whips some soldiers into shape.


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