Title: Outlander S3.E08 “First Wife”
Released: 2017
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: ½

Previously on Outlander: Jamie escaped Ardsmuir after they got word of lost gold meant for the Stuart Rebellion. Ian Murray learned Claire was alive. Jamie secretly harbored Young Ian in Edinburgh. Claire killed an exciseman. Sir Percival’s man learned of Jamie’s treason, and the print shop burned down.

Jamie and Claire return Young Ian to Lallybroch where Jenny and Claire have a super awkward reunion. Jenny is obviously emotional to see her again, but isn’t really happy about it, now judging her harshly for not searching for Jamie after Culloden. The Murrays are also not thrilled to learn that Jamie lied about Young Ian being with him (and all the drama that goes along with that). Jenny also privately reems Jamie for being a bigamist. Jamie suggests to Claire that they could build a house on the Fraser land, but Claire thinks it’s a bad idea when Jenny can’t stand the sight of her.

Jamie tells Claire of his escape from Ardsmuir, when he searched for her, because he heard the treasure was guarded by a white witch. We find out he really did find a treasure hidden on the isle, but only took one jewel, that he later gave to John Grey. He explains that he went back, because the men of the prison needed him. Just as Jamie is about to finally tell Claire about his legal entanglements, Laoghaire and her daughters burst in, shocking Claire with the news that he’s married, to Laoghaire of all people, and stepfather to her girls. Jamie explains that he’s only been married to Laoghaire for two years, and they haven’t lived together most of that time. But Claire is still ready to leave him. They have a pretty epic fight, which then turns into explicit sex, because it’s them. Jenny has to literally douse them in cold water to bring them to their senses. Claire finds out that Jenny is the one who sent word to Laoghaire, and they finally have it out. Jenny believes some of her story, but doesn’t think she can ever trust her again. Luckily, they later somewhat tearfully reconcile.

As Jamie is trying to talk Claire out of leaving him, Laoghaire shows up with a pistol, and while waving it around histrionically, accidentally shoots him. Claire gets to do what she does best, and dig some bullets out of his shoulder. Once he wakes up, he tells Claire the story of how lonely and sad he was when came back from Helwater, when he ended up meeting Laoghaire again, at a holiday party. He loved being a father to the girls, but Laoghaire was clearly afraid of him in bed, and he couldn’t bear it, and moved to Edinburgh. After he tells her the story, she realizes he’s burning up with fever, and promptly shoots him full of some smuggled penicillin.

Ned Gowan comes to consult on the bigamy situation. Since Jamie was married to Claire first, his marriage to Laoghaire isn’t legal, of course. But he does owe reparations to the church, and alimony to her. It’s a huge sum, and Jamie decides to use the Selkie Island treasure to alleviate the pressure. But since he can’t swim with the gunshot wound, Young Ian volunteers to go along to do the swimming. Immediately after promising to do a better job protecting Ian this time, Jamie and Claire argue while he swims to Selkie Island, to fetch the treasure, where he is promptly kidnapped by freaking PIRATES. Can you even?

Kilt Drops: ½

We get that Jamie and Claire are supposed to be really passionate people, especially about eachother. But this scene in the books always squicked me the hell out. Have some pride, you two.

Wit and Wordplay

Jenny: “You had my son selling liquor and consorting with criminals?”

I mean, to be fair, his uncle is a criminal.

Laoghaire: “Go back to the hell you came from!”

Not a bad suggestion at this point.

Jenny: “And now you’re back no more than a week and you’ve killed a man, his print shop is razed, and he’s on the run from the law.”

Jamie: “Whiskey’s a liquid, no?”

I’m with Jamie.

Ian: “If there’s a pot of shite on to boil, you stir it, like it’s God’s work.”

Props to Ian Murray for the most amazing insult I’ve ever heard.


  • How is possible that Laoghaire is even worse than she used to be? You know, back when she tried to have Claire burned as a witch.

  • Jamie accusing Claire of leaving him was pretty low, wasn’t it? He hardly gave her a choice in the matter. I don’t know if I ever realized how he’s kind of a baby when cornered.

  • If it weren’t for this series having eleventy books, would you be wondering how long it takes before Claire’s medical bag of tricks from the future gets her burned at the stake?

  • I miss Fergus.

Next week: Pirates. Jamaica. More kidnapping.


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