Title: Roswell, New Mexico S1.E12 “Creep”
Released: 2019

Previously: Michael and Max are locked in Michael’s bunker, but emerge in time to catch the fourth alien—Noah!—at the UFO museum’s gala.


To keep him alive while they decide what to do, the alien trio put Noah in one of their pods. He breaks himself out surprisingly quickly, however, and proceeds to try to talk his way into the antidote while tied up in Max’s bedroom. He gives Max and Isobel some details, including the fact that they were refugees on the run from a wartorn planet, Max’s tattoo is a map, and that killing makes them stronger, but says he will only tell them more if he’s cured. Isobel—understandably—is having a hard time with the situation, but she quickly comes to the determination that she’s OK with him dying, regardless of the information he might be able to provide.

Meanwhile, Alex, Kyle, and Michael take a roadtrip to an old prison Kyle’s dad mentioned in his notes. There, they find Alex’s brother, Flint … and a bunch of cells filled with elderly aliens who’ve been tortured and experimented on for decades. Flint says they’ve made many scientific breakthroughs thanks to the aliens, but they’ve also developed weapons that can kill aliens by using their own DNA against them. One of the cells houses a man who likely gave Kyle’s dad his tumor (Kyle’s all like, cool, he deserved it) and in another of the cells, Michael finds a woman he recognizes. He tries to break through her door, but instead causes the prison to go into quarantine protocol, which means the whole place is going to blow. As the time counts down, the woman makes contact with Michael; it’s his mom, and she tells him that she loves him before urging him to run.

The prison blows, and Michael heads to the pods, looking for Noah and answers. When he doesn’t find him there, he heads to Max’s house and finds Max walking away from a Noah who’s about to die. A fight ensues, and the episode ends with Michael holding the antidote and Max holding a gun—on Michael.


– That’s a lot of aliens! And they’ve been in captivity so long!

– Michael’s mom! GUT PUNCH.


– Liz is way too nice to Isobel.

– All the Manes men, other than Alex, are total dicks.

– Michael’s jealousy isn’t cute.


Michael’s mom. 💔💔💔


“Let him live a long life out here so that I can make him suffer.”—Max

“Can’t believe Roswell’s Mr. Congeniality is the killer.”—Kyle

“High school is ten years to the left. Let’s focus on the shadowy government conspiracy to the right.”—Alex

“Why can’t you Magneto your way through this one?”—Kyle

“Call me when he’s dead.”—Isobel


– I know I shouldn’t judge people’s fashion sense, but WHAT was that fuzzy vest outfit Isobel was wearing?

– Were you expecting the alien prison? I definitely wasn’t.

– Any guesses on who Max, Isobel, and Michael really are? (If we’re thinking about the original show, they’re royalty …)

– Anyone else seriously worried about what Michael’s going to do after witnessing the prison explode?

– How’re Max and Michael going to make it through that last scene?

Y’all. This might have been the best episode of the season, by far?

Next episode: “Recovering the Satellites.” Max apparently Thors out in the season finale.


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