Title: Skins S1.E06 “Maxxie and Anwar”
Released: 2007
Series:  Skins (2007)

While I’ve certainly seen this episode before, I completely forgot how incredibly bonkers it was. The main action focuses around Maxxie and Anwar’s increasingly fraying relationship while the gang is on a school trip in Russia, so of course shit gets cray. Maybe we should just never let the teens of Skins out of the country at all? Here’s what we’ve learned about Anwar and Maxxie.

1. Maxxie’s super talented

We’ve seen Maxxie dance before but in this episode we learn more about his drawing skills which are really good. However, Anwar freaks when he sees the cute picture Maxxie drew of them together followed by a drawing of a penis. He of course assumes the penis is his. Straight dudes are the worst.

2. Maxxie’s incredibly secure in himself

Despite his sadness about Anwar, Maxxie’s just so awesomely secure. He won’t do anything with Tony because Tony’s a friend even though he could—“I’m not a hobby.”

3. Anwar’s religion is semi-important to him?

It’s clear that Anwar has a complicated relationship with his religion—he follows it and does everything he’s supposed to but at the same time does everything he’s not supposed to. That’s what makes his telling Maxxie he can’t bring anyone to the room even worse especially because Anwar (or Maxxie) can bring a girl. Basically Anwar’s entire argument for this is that his religion believes that being gay is wrong. And it’s heartbreaking.

But Anwar also seems conflicted when he sadly tells Maxxie, “I’m a Muslim boy, I don’t get to choose.”

4. Anwar’s completely sex-crazed

When Maxxie opens Anwar’s luggage for him, he pulls out a rather optimistic amount of condoms. And I thought Sid was bad! Anwar might actually be hundreds of times hornier than Sid.

When Anwar first sees the woman in pigtails and short shorts chopping wood—everyone assumes he’s making it up, mostly because it appears he’s that hard up. If Sid is telling you that you might be fever dreaming everything, it’s time to evaluate. His sex-addled brain makes him totally nuts convincing himself that the Russian girl needs to be saved. She doesn’t of course but this is Skins and he ends up losing his virginity to her anyways.

Although, I’m surprised that when he touches her for the first time that he doesn’t spontaneously combust.

5. Maxxie and Anwar are dunzo

It’s been established that the two are incredibly close from previous episodes and this one opens up with them joking about Anwar’s plane boner. Every interaction they have together post Anwar’s comment is so sad starting from their brief encounter in the hallway where Maxxie asks him to “please take it back.” They get in a screaming fight about Anwar being a hypocrite. Even after he tries to save Anwar, they still can’t get past it.

Necessary Maxxie and Anwar Judgment

“I feel bad.”

Random Observations

  • Poor Sid. He’s their drug mule (which fails). He really needs to just learn how to say no to Tony and everyone.

  • The portrayal of Russia and Russians in this entire episode seems incredibly problematic.

  • “You’re a very dull Muslim” Tony to Anwar after he says the Russian police seem disappointed he’s not a terrorist.

  • Why are they staying in a weird abandoned prison place?

  • Tom (the other teacher) hitting on Angie is totally disgusting. It gets even worse later when they are back in their room. He proceeds to tell Angie he only brought her on the trip to have sex with when she tells him to fuck off. #yesallwomen

  • Chris is wearing his #normcore jacket again!

  • Ok, so what’s going on with Tony badgering Maxxie into hooking up with him? I’m all for experimentation amongst dudes but his constant pressuring of wanting to give Maxxie head is SO uncomfortable. Even when Maxxie rejects him, he tries again! And in front of a drunk not-so-passed out Michelle! He’s legitimately the worst.

  • In this edition of Angie’s the dumbest teacher ever, she finally ends up kissing Chris which c’mon girl! And then it just continues to get worse…she ends up going to the bonezone with Chris and Maxxie catches them in the act! Angie, you in danger girl.

“You in danger, girl.”

  • A friend accurately described portions of this episode including Tom doing squat thrusts in his orange boxer briefs as “total 90s sex comedy.”

  • Pretty into the Russian woman who likes Maxxie’s Neil Diamond t-shirt. Love their vodka-fueled bonding session.

  • Michelle is so delusional about Tony. She thinks he must love her because he wants her the most and she’s his girlfriend so that must make her special. It makes it even worse seeing Michelle see Tony throw himself at Maxxie without any regard for her lying there in the same room.

  • Why does Anwar have a rope ladder in his suitcase?

  • Not going to lie, pretty into Anka’s sheer knit slipdress/black underwear combo. And interested in her gold lamé power shoulder dress at the end of the episode.

  • Drunk Michelle and Jal are the best especially when they are flirting with a huge group of Russian soldiers.

  • Tony’s reading a Jeanette Winterson novel.

  • “Tony, we’ve finally found something you’re not actually good at.” ZING MAXXIE after Tony attempts to go down on him.

  • Sid’s so dumb that he doesn’t even realize that Cassie’s beautiful.

  • Anka—Anwar’s devirginizer—isn’t that old dude’s daughter but his wife! But she seems to have actually been into Anwar because she stole the drawing of him and Maxxie.

Next week: Michelle sees what life is like without a sociopath boyfriend!

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