Title: Skins S2.E02 “Sketch”
Released: 2008
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Tony and Maxxie”

Going through this rewatch of Skins made me realize how much stuff I forgot about that happens. Primarily all the things I had forgotten about were all the things I hate. So I had completely forgot about Sketch, as a person and character, until I saw the title for the episode. I really really hate Sketch. Her episode introduces us to her, her obsession with Maxxie and how generally unpleasant she is! Here’s what we learn about Sketch.

1. She’s stalking Maxxie

Sketch has a serial killer shrine to Maxxie in her room, has been taking pictures of him and told her mother that he’s her boyfriend. It is completely nuts. Her obsession is seriously weird like dangerously weird. She drops a stage light because she’s so jealous over Michelle and Maxxie’s kiss. We watch her break into Maxxie’s room and stroke his things, um and herself in his underwear. It’s all incredibly creepy.

Then, to top off all the creepiness, she declares her love for Maxxie—telling him she’s as close to a boy as he’ll get. All this to just kiss him?! And then to slap him when he rejects her? It’s completely utterly nuts.

Is she a teen Morello from Orange is the New Black?!

2. Her mom is sick

Sketch’s mom is really sick, so she has to care for her. And it seems super stressful having to care for her mother but also her mother seems like a crazy person as well.

3. She’s incredibly shy but supremely manipulative

I understand being socially awkward and shy but homegirl needs to work on her socialization skills. But at the same time, she seems to use her shyness to manipulate situations—like when she’s trying to get Michelle’s role in the play, she ends up accusing the super creepy teacher of sexually assaulting her which didn’t happen. And he gets fired as a result. She also attacks her mom, drugs Michelle for her part in the play and then uses Anwar’s constant horniness to keep herself close to Maxxie again.

4. She seems to have romanticized romance

When she’s talking with Michelle after Tony can’t get it up, she describes the kiss between Michelle and Tony as a moment where everything changed. I think Sketch has watched too many romcoms.

Necessary Sketch Judgment

Random Observations

  • What is it with stalkers on this show?

  • The Michelle/Maxxie play kiss is so weird mostly because it feels like it goes on for SO long.

  • WHAT is the hiring process at this school? I mean the drama teacher grabs Michelle and kisses her!

  • Very into Jal’s fierce Storm costume I believe it is.

  • Anwar is very unsupportive when it comes to soothing Maxxie’s feelings about being stalked.

  • Chris’s Driving Miss Daisy costume is BRILLIANT.

  • Wait, Tony’s dating that terrible blonde girl again?!

  • Also, why is this teacher having this drama party? Why is he so insistent on trying to get with Michelle? There’s too much happening. Maxxie’s such a good wingman for Anwar, even if it’s for their dumb number theory and with Sketch.

  • Michelle and Tony’s talk about whether he’s still Tony is pretty sad.

  • Tony can’t get it up!!!!!

  • Maxxie looks great naked.

  • Maxxie figures out that Sketch is his stalker really quickly.

  • Osama: The Musical! How is that possible? Unsurprisingly, it’s awful!

  • Maxxie is such a professional about Sketch taking on Michelle’s role because you know he’s terrified.

  • God, is every Michelle/Tony scene in this episode totally heart wrenching? Oh wait, yes they all are.

  • Having sex with Anwar looks like the worst experience ever.

  • That closing shot of Sketch’s face is completely terrifying.

Next week: Sid still can’t deal with anything going on in his life!

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