Title: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Released: 2021

Fix: Groundhog’s Day, Teenage Rom-Com, John Green
Platform: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Summary: 

Quick-witted teen Mark is contentedly living the same day in an endless loop when his world is turned upside-down by the mysterious Margaret, also stuck in the same loop. What follows is a love story with a fantastical twist, as the two struggle to figure out how—and whether—to escape their never-ending day.

FYA Summary:

In this YA Groundhog’s Day, Mark is living the same day over and over and over again, discovering new things about his town every day. He thinks he’s the only one experiencing the time loop until he meets Margaret, who’s also stuck in the loop. Together, they go on a quest to map all of the tiny perfect moments they can find in the hopes that finding them all will lead to an end to their predicament. 

Familiar Faces:

Kathryn Newton as Margaret

I’ve seen very few things Kathryn’s been in apart from Supernatural and Detective Pikachu, but her IMDB tells me many of y’all might be more familiar with her. (Plus, she’s playing Cassie Lang in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, so I best get to know her now!) Margaret, at first, seems like your pretty typical John Green-style Manic Pixie Dream Girl (MPDG), but you quickly learn that she has layers, which Kathryn nicely portrays.

Kyle Allen as Mark

I know Kyle from nothing, but I felt bad not including him in this list, given that he’s the main character. He gives great YA boy face, I’ll give him that.

Jorja Fox as Greta

If you’re like me and went through a really dedicated crime procedural phase, you, too, will recognize Jorja from her role on CSI. Greta’s role isn’t a large one, but it is very poignant, and Jorja plays it without it becoming schmaltzy.

Couch-Sharing Capability: Bring a Date

My husband and I watched this movie on Valentine’s Day, and it was a near-perfect way to top off a day filled with sweetness and love. It’s deeper than I expected, and the story’s twist surprised me in a good way while making me a bit melancholy. Definitely a good date night movie, for a variety of reasons.

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Moderation

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things isn’t a movie you have to pay complete attention to, but I wouldn’t suggest getting sloshed. Maybe you could pair it with a nice glass of wine or bubbly? (I’m not a drinker, but a beverage that complements a rom-com would be ideal.)

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Under the Radar

Although it feels like The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is an adaptation of a YA novel, it’s actually based on a short story written by Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians series, which was originally published in the Summer Days and Summer Nights anthology. (So, close enough, I guess.) It has a very strong John Green vibe, with a quirky main (boy) character and a mysterious (MPDG) love interest, but the revelation that all is not what it seems makes it something unique. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re in the mood!

Mandy (she/her) is a manager at a tech company who lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, son, and dogs. She loves superheroes and pretty much any show or movie with “Star” in the name.