Title: The Vampire Diaries S2.E18 “The Last Dance”
Released: 2011

Holy vampire possession, TVDers, after last weeks episode, we’ve all been speculating about how everyone is going to deal with the fact that Klaus is walking around in the President of the Handsome Club’s body, what’s going to happen to Bonnie, whether Mommy Sheriff is going to EVER come around, and just which one of our beloved Vampire Diaries characters is going to die before this season is over! (Please, oh please, don’t let it be Alaric!)

George had to work tonight, so we’ll miss out on his lovely commentary, but I’ll do my best in his absence. So get your cocktails ready for tonight’s episode, where Mystic Falls has another thing: this time, a 60’s dance!

Alaric/Klaus is looking through his closet for something suitable for an original to wear, while getting Katherine to fill him in on all the news of Mystic Falls. He is awesome. Drink! Katherine is scared. She says she’s told him everything that she knows. But he thinks there’s something she DOESN’T know that might be helpful, so he compels her and she lets slip that Bonnie may have her powers back. Katherine begs him to kill her, but he wants to drag out killing her for a couple hundred years. Katherine has a sad. Drink! Then Alaric/Klaus compels her to stab herself! And she does! Ouch! Then he tells her to keep doing that while he goes out for a while. Whoah! Being compelled by Alaric/Klaus sucks!

“it’s warm out here…”
“You feel like taking off your shirt?”
“I do feel like taking off my shirt…”

At the Salvatore’s, Elena is signing the papers to make the Salvatore mansion her home sweet home, where only the cool vampires get allowed in. Out on the porch, Stefan and Damon discuss whether Bonnie really has enough witch-power to kill Klaus. They wonder if he has killed Katherine, and almost have a sad about it. Then Elena opens the door and invites Stefan in. She makes Damon promise to do things her way before giving HIM the invite. Then they go to school. La-la-la.

Matt visits Mommy Sheriff, and she’s still up to her nefarious bad-doings, and asks him to pretend things are okey-dokey between him and Caroline, while she figures out a way to ‘deal’ with all the vampires –including Caroline and the Salvatores– in Mystic Falls.

“Hi, I’m Mommy Sheriff, and I hate vampires! Even my own daughter! Hate, hate, hate.”

At school, Alaric/Klaus makes us all hot for teacher when he shows up to teach History. He is awesome. Drink! And he really wants to get Elena. JJ tries to convince Bonnie, again, not to harness the power of the hundred dead witches. Elena shows up, and JJ stalks off, showing us a glimpse of his former-face-of-the-eternal-pout (which, somehow, I don’t mind so much now) before he leaves. Then Elena and Bonnie chat for a minute until a girl comes up to tell Elena that this REALLY hot guy just asked her to ask Elena to the dance for him! Then she says his name is Klaus! Elena and Bonnie realize the girl has been compelled, and are seriously freaked out. (But, it’s true about the hotness, Elena, he IS the President of the Handsome Club…)

Back at the Salvatore’s, er, Elena’s, Damon thinks they should go to the dance and try to kill Klaus there. Then Alaric/Klaus just walks through the front door!!! Oh NOES!!!! I guess a vampire who’s possessing a human can go wherever he wants! Maybe now’s a good time for you to ask for your house back, boys. They continue discussing how to kill Klaus, and you guys! He’s standing right there!!! Then Bonnie says killing him won’t be a problem, and demonstrates how by sending Damon flying across the room. Everyone, including Alaric/Klaus is duly impressed. But Elena looks like she’s thinking “Bish, please! Careful with the furniture!”

“Wow, nobody’s ever given me a mansion before…”

Back at his bachelor pad of evil, Alaric/Klaus looks around for something vintage to wear, while Katherine sits in the corner, all bloodied from stabbing herself, and dead Isobel’s traveling companion busies himself in the kitchen. Maybe he’s Klaus’s house boy? Alaric/Klaus tells his house boy to take out Bonnie, and calls her a witch-bitch! Drink! Then he is awesome some more. Drink! (Oh, CW, you better not be just letting Alaric be so awesome cause you’re about to off him. Ima cut a bish…) The house boy tells Alaric/Klaus that using the witch-power will kill Bonnie, so all he has to do is attack her until she dies. Then he says he can put a protection spell on Alaric’s body that will keep him alive just long enough to outlast Bonnie! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Caroline is dressed up like Jackie-O, and her mom comes in, and is all weird. Then Matt comes in as JFK and acts all weird, too, and I want to bonk their heads together, because they’re being so stupid, and if they hurt Caroline, I would do them violence.

This is creepy.

At the Salvatore’s/Elena’s, Elena and Stefan are in the attic, going through some clothes for the party. They have a moment that reminds us why we like them together, even though we want Damon to get some action. They share smootchies. Drink! And Damon walks in.

At the dance, Alaric/Klaus shows us some smooth moves on the dance floor. Drink!

“Man, I hate the 60’s…”

Outside, JJ tries to give Bonnie his ring of invincibility, but she tells him it won’t work on her, and that hey, maybe she won’t die anyway! Then Elena and the Salvatores show up and they all share a last-type moment before going in. Inside, Alaric/Klaus has the Mystic Falls kids dedicate a song to Elena, and those kids are WAY too into that dance. They all decide to join in with the dancing, when Elena sees Caroline. Stefan goes to tell Caroline what’s going on, since she’s been out of the loop, and Damon swoops in and starts dancing with Elena and is awesome enough to deserve TWO drinks! Drink! Drink! Then he cuts in on Bonnie, and tells her in not so many words that he doesn’t want her to die. Drink!

Do you think the writers get stressed out coming up with new ways to make Damon awesome?

JJ is still way upset, and out in the hallway, he tells Stefan about Bonnie. Of course, Stefan tells Elena, and Elena tells Bonnie she can’t sacrifice herself. JJ is walking down the hallway again when a bunch of compelled dudes attack him! Stefan and Damon show up, and they stake Damon! But they miss his heart, and he and Stefan knock the boys unconscious. But then Alaric/Klaus finds Elena, and gets her and Bonnie to come with him, telling them that Klaus has JJ! But then Elena’s spidey sense tingles, and she says something’s not right. Alaric/Klaus reveals himself and is awesome! Drink! Then Bonnie throws him against the walls a few times, but the protection spell the house boy made is good, so they try running away instead. Damon meets up with them, and sends Elena to tell Stefan, and Bonnie tells him that Alaric/Klaus is just trying to kill her tonight. Then Damon gets all decidey and says “No. Klaus does NOT get to win tonight.” Drink! And I don’t know about you, but I’m really, really nervous, you guys!!!!! While Elena looks for Stefan, Bonnie goes Alaric/Klaus hunting, and starts breaking his bones when she finds him! But she also breaks a nose bleed! Then, as Elena and Stefan rush in to stop her, she makes the door lock! And does it all in ridiculously high heels and a mini dress! As Elena watches, Bonnie keeps on hurting Alaric/Klaus, but then turns and gives Elena what looks like a slow-moey goodbye look, and THEN Bonnie falls to the ground! NO!!!! And Elena rushes to her, but she’s dead!!! And Damon comes in and tells Stefan to take Elena, and that he will ‘take care’ of the body. But that can’t be, right? It’s got to be some sort of trick! Westley’s just faking it, right? Jesus, Grandpa! Stefan drags a weeping Elena away and Damon closes Bonnie’s eyes.

Damon carefully puts Bonnie into his car, and JJ runs up, wondering where everyone is. Damon tells him they need to talk. Back home, Elena is crying by the fireplace, and Stefan brings her tea. Elena feels that everything is her fault. Then Damon comes in, and Elena smacks him. Hard. Then, as he tells her that Bonnie had to die, and that Klaus had to see it, we see JJ at the old witch-massacre mansion with Bonnie’s body. And she comes back alive! Drink! Bonnie cast a spell that would kill her a little bit! She’s okay!!! Westley WAS only faking it!

Young love will live another day!

Stefan and Damon argue a little bit about which one of them knows best, and Damon tells Stefan that he’s the one who will make all the tough decisions, but that also, he’s the one who will keep Elena alive. JJ’s robbed a Crate and Barrell of its candles for his and Bonnie’s new casa of love, and they cozy up with some product placement. Then Bonnie and Elena Skype a little bit.

Elena comes to Damon in his room, and tells him that she won’t let Bonnie die for her. Again. But then Damon tells her that if it comes down to her or Bonnie, he will Always. Choose. Elena. Intense eye contact ensues. Drink! They are awkward for a moment, as Elena realizes how much he loves her, but then she leaves, and ohmigod, something’s not right here! IS it Elena? She sneaks down into the cellar to dead young Harry Hamlin’s body! And pulls out the special dagger so he’ll come back to life! WHA?!!!!

Oh, CW? It’s time to let Vampire Barbie get back to some ass kicking!

Oh man. It’s a good thing I’ve been drinking, because my heart is beating so fast, I can only imagine what it would be like if my senses weren’t a little bit dulled! So what do you guys think? Is THAT the death that was predicted? Is everybody else safe now? Thank God Alaric didn’t get killed! And you know what? I’m glad young Harry Hamlin is coming back. I’ve missed him! It looks like we get to meet the real Klaus in next weeks episode, but is it just in flashbacks, or will he arrive in Mystic Falls?


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