What’re y’all up to this weekend? Is it starting to look more like fall in your area? (If yes, I am jealous.)


Stephanie tells you why you should be watching Paper Girls in this week’s Stream It.

And have you read this week’s Book Reports?

Book-Related Things

This is ridiculous. (More here.)

“Queer YA Books Are Selling in Record Numbers Despite Bans Targeting Them.”

An update on the Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster’s proposed merger case: “Book publishers just spent 3 weeks in court arguing they have no idea what they’re doing.”

Onscreen Things

The Buffy reboot is on hold.

Dan Levy has joined Sex Education for the show’s fourth season.

And Elijah Wood has joined Yellowjackets ahead of the show’s second season.

Aaand Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s joined The Boys for its fourth season.

Here’s an interview with Never Have I Ever‘s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

“Is Color-Blind Casting In Regency-Era Romances Really Progressive? Or Just Delusional?”

Here’s a list of the best 90s movies as chosen by celebs including Edgar Wright, Bill Hader, and John Boyega.

“The untold story behind ‘Hula Hana,’ Dirty Dancing’s most iconic number.”

The Umbrella Academy is getting a fourth—and final—season.

Scott Patterson is trying like hell to be relevant. *massive eye roll*

(Here’s our recap of the episode in question.)

A Horizon: Zero Dawn adaptation is in the works from the creator of The Umbrella Academy. (Anyone else a Niloy shipper? No? Just me?)

Multimedia Things

Donkey nannies!!



zuko, kakashi, loki, katara, shego, literally anyone from sinbad #fyp #filmtok #booktok


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Miscellaneous Things

A little nostalgia for you: “12 Facts About the Animorphs Book Series.”

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