As Ariel would say, we’ve got whozits and whatzits galore this Friday!


The most important March Madness has begun, and this time the theme is YA Adaptations! Make sure you’re voting over in our Instagram stories.

Stephanie recapped the season 1 finale of The Last of Us and felt all the feelings about it.

Mandy W wrapped up season 1 of The Last of Us and provided the ever-important drinking game.

Mandy C recapped season 1 of Shadow and Bone to prepare us all for season 2, which dropped yesterday!

Kandis reviewed season 1 of Shrinking and loves living in a world where Harrison Ford is on our screens on TWO shows at once.

In book reviews:

  • Regina reviewed Their Fractured Light, the third and final Starbound book, and found it worth the read.
  • Brian reviewed The Jump and jumped into the action-packed plot.
  • Scout reviewed Nine Liars and continues to love Stevie Bell & co. (me too, Scout, me too).

Book Related Things

YALLWEST announced its author lineup.

Leigh Bardugo signed a book deal of epic proportions.

Crescent City 3 book title has been revealed! (Our reviews of books 1 and 2 are here, btw.)

A book of book stickers? Yes please.

I am dying to read Some Shall Break (release date 6/6/23), the sequel to None Shall Sleep, and Ellie Marney is killing it with the promo reels (pun intended).

Jennifer Lynn Barnes talks about the psychology of fiction and more.

A very relatable book buying sentiment

The Potter-Panem book scale of aging


#greenscreen Divergent is probably right in the middle because it’s not problematic, just stupid #hungergames #harrypotter #books #booktok #graph

♬ original sound – Karz 2

Onscreen Things

Chris Pine attended the SXSW premiere of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and did not disappoint, as usual.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey continue to be adorable and wholesome.

A League of Their Own was renewed for a second and final season.

However, Disney+ canceled Willow after one season.

There’s going to be a Gattaca TV show!

Netflix canceled Nancy Meyers’ movie over budget issues, how dare they.

I can only assume Andrew Haigh’s casting in this movie is designed to kill us all with attractiveness

John Mulaney’s first post-divorce comedy special is coming to Netflix next month.

If Twilight was cast in the 90’s

Social Media Things

Are we becoming a Pedro Pascal fan site? Maybe.

Again I say, maybe.

No, you’re crying.

This entire thread is *chef’s kiss*

It’s important to me, too.

Related: someone give us this show/movie immediately. PS: Did someone say Sherlock?

Miscellaneous Things

You want to watch this, trust me.

Speaking of BTS, Jimin’s solo album comes out next week, are you ready for some FACE time?

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