Title: Dredd
Released: 2012

Fix: Dystopian Futures and Ultra-Violence
Platform: Netflix

Netflix Summary:

In the future, catastrophic wars have transformed Earth into a barren wasteland with the remaining population crowded into megacities, where all-powerful cops — including the ultraviolent Judge Dredd — are on the hunt for drug-dealing terrorists.

FYA Summary:

Based on the comic character Judge Dredd, this movie takes place in a dystopian future where most citizens are confined to living in huge high rises in a apocalyptic mega-city that spans the entire east coast. Dredd is a Judge – a futuristic law enforcer who is given the power to be judge, jury and executioner. Dredd and his psychic rookie partner Anderson investigate a set of murders in slum tower Peach Trees only to find themselves caught up in the activities of notorious drug lord Ma-Ma. 

Now, some questions you may have when considering whether to watch this movie:

1. But didn’t this movie, like, totally bomb in theaters?

Answer: Yes, it really, really did. We’re talking making only 13 million domestic on a 50 million dollar budget. Terrible. But it didn’t deserve to bomb. Blame the marketing or whatever else. Because the reviews were positive. And this movie totally deserved to make money and get a sequel, especially compared to other action flicks of the past few years. But shit happens.

2. How is this related to that 90s movie starring Sylvester Stallone?

Answer: It’s not. At least, other than sharing the same source material, there is no continuity between this Dredd and 1995’s Judge Dredd. It’s would be like judging (heh) Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy on 70s animated film. Are you going to let Sylvester Stallone prevent your from watching a kick-ass movie? If you do, then he wins.

3. Isn’t the plot just a shamless rip off of Indonesian film The Raid: Redemption?

Answer: Um, well…yes. But most of you probably haven’t seen that movie either. And this one’s set in the future.

Familiar Faces:

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Unless someone tells you Karl Urban stars in this movie, you may watch the entire thing having no clue of that fact. Because Dredd never removes his helmet even once in the entire film. And while the character is fairly cheese-ball, Urban manages to so what the 1995 movie couldn’t, which is make it work.

Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson

I probably hadn’t seen Thirlby in anything since Juno, so I didn’t even recognize her as a platinum blonde Judge.

Lena Headey as Ma-Ma

Well, if it isn’t everyone’s least favorite Lannister?! A rough looking Headey plays ruthless drug lord Ma-Ma.

Wood Harris as Kay

Avon Barksdale is back in the drug business! Harris plays one of Ma-Ma’s enforcers and all around baddy.

Couch-Sharing Capability: High

This is the sort of mindless action flick that makes for perfect group viewing. Also, it’s the kind of movie that is better enjoyed on a bigger screen. So we’re talking big screen TV and not your tiny computer moniter. (Or watch it in 3D if you have a fancy-pants friend with a 3D TV you can mooch from. Or if you are that fancy-pants friend yourself.)

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Any

You’ll enjoy this movie stone cold sober, but it doesn’t take my brain power to follow along to this one. So drink away if you prefer!

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Top Notch

If you have any sort of penchant for action movies, then this is a must watch. This is an all around satisfying watch and one of my unexpected favorites of the last couple years. So why not join the bandwagon of people who regret missing this movie during its theatrical run?


Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.