Title: Outlander S1.E08 “Both Sides Now”
Released: 2014
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 1

Previously on Outlander: Jamie and Claire get married, and we are all treated to a fine view of what is underneath his kilt.

Welcome to the mid-season finale of Outlander! Kandis and I have enjoyed recapping for you and reading your comments, and we’ll see you in April – an interminably long wait. How will we all carry on without Jamie’s, er, assets?

If you’ve read the Outlander books, you know this is a departure from the original storyline. Did it work for you?

Frank has been searching, with the help of the police, for six weeks. Claire is nowhere to be found, and Jamie’s face is drawn on a wanted poster. What the–? And no matter what the police say, Frank insists that Claire did not run off to be with another man. (That’s just a sexy byproduct of time travel. Silver linings!) He’s even set up by a redheaded woman in a bar, desperately hoping he can find the mysterious Highlander who appeared under Claire’s window in the first episode. Even the reverend tells Frank to go back to Oxford and let it go, but he’s not going to give up on his wife. This goes a long way in helping Frank appear more sympathetic than he ever was in the books. Desperate and devastated, he goes to Craig Na Dun after listening to Mrs. Graham’s stories of the rock circle. He doesn’t believe Mrs. Graham’s stories of time travel, but when he drives by, he can’t help but stop.

Meanwhile, back in the 1740s, Claire and Jamie meet Hugh Monroe, who says he might have a way to prove Jamie’s innocence. As a wedding gift, he presents Claire with a dragonfly, trapped in a chunk of amber (no doubt to the delight of book fans everywhere). The joy isn’t to last, however – the clan comes under attack twice. The second attack comes while Claire and Jamie are having sex, and provides an opportunity to one of the Redcoats to try to rape Claire.

Claire kills her attacker with a knife (due in no small part to self-defense training by Angus), and Jamie is bitter that he couldn’t protect her better. Claire is angry about what happened and upset with herself that she had given up on her plan to return to Frank. (Girl, it’s cool. Just call it anthropological research into the Highland customs of the 1740s, specifically the purpose of a kilt and the manner in which it is worn.)

As Claire returns to the stones, she can hear Frank calling to her, and she shouts back – but he thinks he’s dreaming. Before Claire can touch the stones, she is seized by redcoats and brought back to Jack Randall.

Randall is determined to find out Claire’s secrets, and although she tries using her knowledge of the history to throw him off, he’s not deterred…until Jamie appears in the window, pointing a pistol at her. “I’ll thank you to take your hands off my wife,” he spits, and that’s it for six months.

Kilt Drops: 1

  • That looked like a hell of a lot of fun, until of course the rapacious soldiers show up and ruin it all. Who couldn’t love a man who gleefully declares that he feels “like God himself when [he’s] in ya?” But no bare butt, Starz? You have let us down.


  • How convenient, to be so close to Craig Na Dun on a contemplative walk.

Next on Outlander – well, we wait for six months.