Title: Outlander S2.E05 “Untimely Resurrection”
Released: 2016
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 0

Previously on Outlander: Claire is poisoned, but comes out of it generally unscathed. Raymond tells Claire she’ll see Frank again. Louise is pregnant by Charles. Rape is once again a plot point (poor Mary).

This week is all about the morality of changing the future—Claire obviously wants to ensure Frank exists, but that takes on a decidedly grey shade as she tries to justify ruining Mary’s life (including making sure Mary and Alex Randall do not wed). Trying to change the outcome of the Battle of Culloden is one thing, what with saving thousands of lives, but dooming Mary to a marriage to Jack Randall? That’s another thing entirely, and it really only affects Mary and Frank.

It’s a sticking point for their marriage, too. Claire eventually gets her way by pointing out that she’s saved Jamie’s life twice now, so he owes her. Eventually Jamie agrees to give her the year she asks for, forgoing his duel with Randall, but it’s a cruel proposition and is clearly affecting her marriage.

Meanwhile, the Comte is financing Charles’ ascent to the throne (much to Jamie’s dismay—no poker face on that one!), and everyone is playing politics—including Sandringham and Black Jack Randall.

Kilt Drops: 0


Wit and Wordplay

Jack: “The fates are toying with us now, setting our feet on seemingly divergent paths that still somehow converge in the most unlikely of places.”

Black Jack is so creepy and yet so hot. Or is that my affection for Frank creeping through? THIS SMOLDERING INTENSITY CONFUSES ME.

Jamie: “Are you well, Captain? I heard you had an unfortunate encounter with some…sheep, was it?”

Jack: “Uh,  cattle, actually.”

King Louis: “The King gives you leave to rise…it would be a shame to stain such…pretty britches.”


  • The attackers referred to Claire as “La Dame Blanche” because Jamie once referred to Claire that way, at the brothel, to try to appear manly.

  • Seems like the Duke is onto Jamie, remarking that he has poor taste in men (the prince).

  • Can’t believe Claire didn’t cut a bitch when Annalise was waxing poetic about how Jamie used to be (before Claire sunk her man-making hooks into him, obviously).

Next week: Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh are off to destroy the Comte’s inventory…and the Comte himself.