Title: The Vampire Diaries S5.E12 “The Devil Inside”
Released: 2014

Last week’s episode got me wondering exactly WHAT Katherine was planning on doing living out the rest of her life as Elena. Be incredibly awesome and TELL IT LIKE IT IS didn’t exactly make it onto my list so I was pleasantly surprised when, in fact, that’s exactly what she did.

Let’s recap.

Katherine knows she needs a little Elena Gilbert 101 so she can truly pull off living as Elena once the spell is cast so who better to pump for information than their lone human (compellable) friend, Matt? He’s no longer on vervain so that makes this job easy peasy lemon squeezy.  What Katherine really needs is her own dead body so that Mia can solidify the spell once and for all, kicking Elena out and leaving no one behind but Katherine. 

We see a very gleeful Damon come home with a shovel and announce to Stefan that he’s taken care of Katherine’s body once and for all.  Nadia asks for it and Damon is like, “Bish please”, which is understandable because Katherine is a Ruiner of Lives.

Meanwhile over at Whitmore, Caroline is understandably freaking the f*ck out about Tyler coming home and is cleaning like an absolute BEAST. Aaron shows up (no one cares) and assures her that his uncle won’t be an issue anymore as he’s cut off the funding for the Augustine Foundation, blah blah blah, REALLY no one cares. Of course when Aaron Nice Guy goes back to his room Enzo is waiting for him. (And looking VERY dapper, might I add.)

Stefan continues his quest to be the Nicest Nice Guy that Ever Was Nice by trying to enlist Caroline to help Damon win Elena back. He realizes that being with Elena makes his brother happy AND a better man. Caroline clutches her pearls in outrage but soon understands that no one should really be judged just by who they’re attracted to.

…because Caroline had sex with Klaus last week. In case you forgot…they had sex. In the woods. SEX.

*small cough*

Nadia has Katherine chained to their motel bed while she’s out hunting for her body. Elena manages to pop through and understandably freaks the hell out. Too bad Nadia returns just in time to chant her mojo and bring Katherine back into Elena’s body. Katherine makes plans to go to Tyler’s Welcome Home party just to make sure all the Mystic Falls peeps aren’t freaking out because no one has heard from Elena.

Stefan and Caroline are at The Grill trying to convince Damon that he needs to make things right with Elena. (Uh, guys, I’m pretty sure he’s left her like, 20 voicemails at this point.)

When Damon arrives at home his good buddy Enzo is there with a present for him – a body bag! With an undead body! Aaron! Dude, whatever it takes to get this kid off the show at this point is fine with me. Enzo insists that Damon should kill him, finish his promise to kill off the Whitmore Clan, but since he’s trying to get back with Elena he knows he can’t do it. So with a classic Damon move he snaps Enzo’s neck and compels Aaron to get the hell outta Dodge and never come back.

I brought you a present, Damon. MYSELF.

At the party Katherine (as Elena) is making sure that Stefan is recovering ok from Katherine’s death. He is. Really. Like, REALLY really. (awk.ward.) I believe my show notes at this point say something to the effect of, “Hahaha girl, you REACHIN!”

“So what you’re saying is…you’re NOT grieving Katherine? OUCH.”

The real highlight of the party is when Caroline, needing to confess, tells Elena/Katherine that she slept with Klaus. For the briefest moment you can see serious respect in Katherine’s eyes. But you know Katherine can’t just leave it like that, especially when she sees Tyler coming down the stairs, and so she tries to get Caroline to spill details.  Tyler’s face when he overhears this has me feel bad for him for the smallest of moments. Caroline follows him, trying to explain herself but he’s having NONE of it. I get it. Klaus killing your mom should be enough and he did a shit ton worse. He’s so angry that he lunges and wolfs out at Caroline and Stefan has to intervene. Stefan proves what an amazing friend he is by punching Tyler in the face, even AFTER Tyler told him that Caroline slept with Klaus. GO STEFAN.

Katherine scampers off to the tomb where she believes Damon has hidden her body and BINGO, there it is!

(Can we take a moment to address Mia’s crimped hair? Is this a thing? Is crimping coming back?)

Right. The tomb. So as Mia is chanting away Elena comes back, realizes what’s happening and gets the hell out after knocking out Mia and stabbing Nadia.  She runs through the woods, toward the Lockwood Plantation and sees Damon! (HOLY MOSES.)  As she runs into his arms the spell is completed by a revived Mia and BOOM, Katherine Pierce is here to stay. Damon spills his heart out, apologizes for assuming he knows what’s best for Elena, and it’s truly, truly devastating because we ALL KNOW that Katherine has her sights set on Stefan. I’m not sure if her response is cruel but I do know that it’s honest, telling Damon that she can’t be the only thing that he lives for, the only thing that keeps him from being a total monster. (PREACH.) THEN she twists the knife just a smidge by saying that she knows what he did to Katherine while she was weak and vulnerable and THAT shows what kind of man he really is.


If you listen closely enough, you can hear Damon’s heart breaking in half.

Stefan sits with Caroline and cheers her up like only really good friends can. Only your true friends will forgive your moments of weakness and remember who you really are at your core.  I love this friendship between Caroline and Stefan.

The next morning Tyler is still drunk and Matt is cleaning. Tyler is understandably throwing himself the world’s largest pity party and Matt suggests that they get out of town for a bit. PLEASE LET IT BE NEW ORLEANS.

Katherine and Nadia discuss their options now that she has Elena’s body for good. And she ain’t goin’ NOWHERE. She’s sticking around to get her man, her One True Love. (Although is it really that when you compelled him to fall in love with you the first time?)

Our last scene is a dark road.

UH OH. Nothing good, and by that I mean EVERYTHING AMAZING, happens on dark roads in Mystic Falls at night. Especially when there’s a vampire in the road playing possum, and that vampire happens to be Enzo who has buddied up with Damon WHO HAS RUN OUT OF F*CKS TO GIVE now that Elena has served him up the truth about himself. Damon feasts on Aaron, Enzo smiles and watches and yours truly yells, “MAKE OUT!” at her TV screen.

Moments of Hilarity:

“Remember how Damon broke up with Elena?” – Stefan
“Of course! There was champagne!” – Caroline

“How would you like to be judged solely by who you’re attracted to?” – Stefan
“Why…do you know something??” – Caroline

“This is what it’s come to? You bring me love advice from Prudy Trudy?” – Damon

Moments of Heart-Swelling:

“He killed MY MOM.” – Tyler

“I walked out last time, now it’s your turn.” – Tyler to Caroline

“I don’t want to be the only thing you live for.” – Katherine (as Elena) to Damon

So what did you guys think? Are you ready for Madcap Murderous Adventures with Damon and Enzo? And where the hell were Bonnie and Jeremy for the entirety of this episode? Surely Bonnie must know something is wrong in Elena-ville…?

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