Title: The Vampire Diaries S7.E18 “One Way or Another”
Released: 2016

Previously: Stefan’s soul found himself in the body of an alcoholic school bus driver, while his real body became host to a vampire serial killer with a penchant for co-eds. Awesome.

What Went Down

Damon Salvatore spent a lot of this episode doing one of the things he does best – yell at people on his cell phone. He’s trying to get to Stef-not, who has taken up residence in a Mississippi frat house so he can get his murder on. They strike a bargain: Damon brings Stef-not the head of Rayna Cruz, and Stef-not will gladly jump into the body of a newly transitioning vampire frat boy, and Stefan gets his body back. Damon is the very definition of a Moral Grey Area so he agrees. He gets a very reluctant Alaric on board, and they almost capture Rayna, except that Enzo gets to her first – and he could care less about helping the Salvatore Bros.

Bonnie is undercover as a patient at an Asheville treatment facility. At least she got some free therapy out of it because LORD KNOWS that girl has some anger that needs expressing. Another patient at said facility is one Virginia St. John – of The Armory St. John’s – and Bonnie is after intel. The poor girl flips out at the thought of a Bennett witch still being alive. Only a Bennett witch can open up The Vault that’s under The Armory (of course they have a vault, come on, this is Scooby Doo 101). She makes Bonnie sweat not to open it but we never do find out what’s actually IN the vault. (Dammit, of course we’re going to want it opened NOW.)

Valerie is on standby, prepping to do the spell that will put Stefan back in his original body. Stefan and Alaric drag Stef-not’s body back to the motel (I honestly don’t remember how they pulled one over on him. Forgive me, I’m hopped up on cold medicine), and Valerie works her mojo. In fact, she almost dies doing so. (Thank you, writers, for not making Valerie sacrifice herself for Stefan. I don’t think I could handle one more female character throwing herself on the funeral pyre this week.)

Valerie and Stefan have a heart-to-heart that brings actual tears to my eyes; she’s well aware that she’s not the love of his life and she encourages him to go after Caroline, saying that she’s looking forward to finding a life that is just her own. We almost believe her. 

Damon tries apologizing to Ric for leaving without saying goodbye, but Damon being Damon it only comes out in a very half-ass sort of way. Ric isn’t really up for the shenanigans of yesteryear; he has two daughters, a job, a life and a fiancee. He tells Damon where to find Bonnie and THAT reunion goes about as well as you’d expect. Bonnie and Enzo’s reunion on the other hand – WHERE ARE MY SMELLING SALTS.


  • Bonnie Bennett: Undercover Badass.

  • We finally got BENZO!

  • The Armory has been using Rayna Cruz’s blood to try and create pills that can track down supernaturals? Am I following this plotline correctly? (Again, cold meds.)

Vamp Witch of the Week: Bonnie Bennett

I tried to find a gif of Bonnie slamming the door in Damon’s face as he stood there like a damn fool holding those flowers. 

Hero Hair/Nefarious Grin

Hero Hair: Someone get Vidal Sassoon on the line because Valerie’s hair was EPICALLY heroic this week. She was willing to die to save Stefan even though she knew that he didn’t love her the way that she loves him, and yet she STILL told him to find Caroline and try to put things right. Girl, you deserve the most glorious of blowouts for that mane of yours. Well done.

Nefarious Grin: Damon is never quite a hero, usually he’s an anti-hero and that’s why we love him. But when he grabbed Valerie and pushed her down, forcing her to complete a spell that was ACTIVELY KILLING HER, it was all I could do not to give him his class ring back. Come ON, Damon. BE BETTER.

Sound Bites

Alaric: They’re together. Bonnie and Enzo. They are together.
Damon: They’re together as in someone kidnapped Bonnie Bennett and brainwashed her into a relationship with Enzo, or…

Alaric [after shooting Stef-not] – I hate how good that felt.

Valerie – I know you don’t always believe this, but you deserve to be happy, Stefan. Please be happy. 

Burning Questions

  • Will Bonnie ever forgive Damon? I mean, does he even deserve forgiveness at this point?

  • What’s in store for Stefan and Caroline?? Because Caroline Forbes-Salzman knows how to hold a grudge like it’s her JOB.

  • I know Alaric is no longer about that supernatural life, but has he forgotten he’s marrying a vampire AND he has two witches for daughters?

  • WHAT’S IN THE VAULT? I wonder if it’s Reyna’s dead vampire boyfriend.

  • Is this the last time we see Valerie?

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