Title: The Vampire Diaries S2.E09 “Katerina”
Released: 2010

Happy TVD Friday, everybody! George and I, your resident TVD recappers, are super excited about tonight’s episode, where we are going to get more Katherine! And maybe back story! And maybe some answers! Like what’s with all the doppelgangers?

After Damon broke our hearts last week when he told Elena he loved her and then wiped her memory, and we discovered the existence of the ‘originals’, we’ve been on pins and needles waiting to see if Nina Dobrev will get to play yet a third character. And get to make out with even more boys.

And it starts with a… Flashback! Drink! Katerina is giving birth… and the baby girl is taken away.

Jenny: It’s just like Degrassi!
George: What?! She gave birth to herself?!!! That explains a LOT.

Elena shows up at the Salvatore’s, Damon and Elena make eye contact Drink! and she sees Rose again.

George: I thought Stefan told you you couldn’t join the cast.

Rose tells them that Klaus will be coming after her, and that Klaus is way worse than young Harry Hamlin. Elena goes to school. Stefan wants to take her, but she gives him the cold shoulder. Damon quips and Stefan is awesome. Drink!

Is it very wrong of me to REALLY be liking this look on JJ?

JJ invites Bonnie to play pool with him, but a new guy, Luca, comes over and messes with his mojo by flirting with Bonnie

Jenny: Ha! Does he live on the second floor?
George: Man, as soon as he asks her on a date, she starts vibing on somebody else!

Out in the woods, Elena is convincing Caroline to keep Stefan busy while she does something in the woods.Caroline isn’t so sure Elena should be talking to Katherine, but Elena has pulled out the girlfriend code, so Caroline opens the big door to the tomb. Elena calls Katherine, and Katherine does the zombie shuffle out to see her. Elena offers Katherine the Petrova book and a bottle of blood in exchange for information about Klaus.

George: Look, I brought you some blood cupcakes!

Katherine takes the blood like a shot,

George: Shots, shots, shots, shots-shots-shots, shots shots!

and tells Elena that she was banished from Bulgaria to England after having a baby out of wedlock

Jenny: Some punishment. I wish somebody would banish me to England.

where she caught the eye of a nobleman named Klaus. Flashback! Drink! Human Katerina is running in the woods

George: in heels and a corset, no less!

from young Harry Hamlin in a terrible wig and Trent Ford helps her escape.

At the Salvatore’s Rose is crying over dead-dead Trent Ford, and Damon is going behind Stefan’s back and trying to find Klaus. Rose tells him she knows this dude in Richmond who got her in touch with young Harry Hamlin, so they go to find him. Caroline, on her mission to distract Stefan from finding Elena, tells him she told were-Tyler that she’s a vampire.

Stefan is such a good listener…

Flashback Drink! Katerina finds the cottage in the woods, and Rose is there. Rose locks her in a room.

George: Even back then, Rose was all ‘Klaus, Klaus, Klaus.’

Present day Rose and Damon arrive in Richmond and exchange pleasantries in the parking garage before entering a cyber-cafe, where they meet the dude.

George: Don’t get to close to those windows… oh.

Back in the flashback, Katerina tries to kill herself, so Rose makes her drink some of her blood. Trent Ford tells Rose he loves Katerina.

George: Who ISN’T in love with Katerina?

Then Katerina hangs herself, so she won’t be the doppelganger anymore.

George: That’s the saddest way to become a vampire…

Katherine tries to convince Elena to drink her blood so she can become a vampire, too, but Elena hesitates. Flashback! Drink! Trent Ford is a little mad at Katerina for turning into a vampire, but Katerina cares about numero uno, and leaves them to get in trouble with Klaus.

Jenny: Uh-oh, Rose, Klaus is gonna get you!

And these two? Kind of awesome together! I like that with Caroline, Stefan gets to be funny and charming.

Caroline and Stefan are having dinner at the Bronze, and he says she reminds him of his old friend Lexi. She’s surprised he had a friend.

Jenny: Yeah, we went to a Bon Jovi concert together, and everything.
George: She had really good taste in music…

Bonnie arrives to hang out with JJ, and sees Luca, and his dad. Since her last name is the highly unusual ‘Bennett’, Luca’s dad immediately asks her if she’s related to the Bennetts in Salem, MA. Which, um, she is.

George: Whoop! There it is!

Back at the cyber cafe, dude tells Damon and Rose that he got in touch with young Harry Hamlin by answering a personal on Craigslist.

Jenny: (as Damon) Maybe YOU need to go on Craigslist to find a date, Poindexter, but look at me.
George: Did you find it under missed connections or casual encounters?

He says since young Harry Hamlin is dead, he doesn’t have any leads for them. Outside, young Harry Hamlin watches them as he holds some change in his hand.

Seriously, Craigslist?

Bonnie and JJ are playing pool, and getting their flirt on. Luca tries to join them, and you get the feeling Bonnie knows he’s up to know good. Stefan calls Caroline’s bluff and wants her to tell him where Elena is, and tries to pull the friend card, but Caroline says ‘not so fast’ because Elena already did that one.

Elena figures out that Katherine had planned on sacrificing her and Tyler and Caroline to break the curse of the sun and moon. At the cyber-cafe, dude explains the reason Klaus wants to break the sun and moon curse is just so the werewolves don’t do it first, because whichever mystical creature breaks the curse traps the other in it for eternity.

Jenny: All just to beat the weres? Lame, Klaus. Lame.

Young Harry Hamlin has been listening, and tosses his coins into the window, shattering the tempered glass, and burning Rose and dude. Damon grabs Rose and helps her get out. But Rose has a breakdown in the car because she’s so scared of Klaus. Damon feels compassion.

I can’t deny the cuteness that is these two flirting.

Back at the flirting palace of pool, Bonnie and JJ exchange giggles before Luca comes over and confesses that he’s a witch, too. Luca says he just wants to fit in, and that it’s tough being different.

Jenny: Really, CW? All brown-skinned people have to be witches?
George: You better have a creative way to explain this, CW, or it’s not cool. Not cool at all.

At the tomb, Stefan shows up and tells Elena not to believe Katherine. He wants to protect her, but she knows he’ll just get killed dead. Katherine comes back to the door to continue her reminiscence. Flashback! Drink! Katerina rides a horse up to some place where there’s a bunch of dead people lying about. It’s her family in Bulgaria, and Klaus has killed them all. She sheds a tear, and has a sad. Drink!

Katherine tells Elena and Stefan that they can stop the curse if they just have the moonstone, Drink! and Stefan thinks she wants to trade it for her freedom, but she says she prefers the coziness of the tomb, where Klaus can’t get her. They are both awesome with their use of the moniker ‘psychotic bitch’. Drink!

Damon is staring into the fire, drinking, and Rose comes up behind him. He says he will find a way to save Elena. Rose tells Damon that he’s right to fight the way he feels about Elena, because that’s the only way to survive.

George: They are totally going to get it on!

They start making out.

George: What did I say?!

At the Bronze, Jeremy notices Bonnie’s not watching him play pool anymore. She’s flirting with Luca. He bows out gracefully, like the big boy he is.

Jenny: Classy, JJ. Real classy.
George: I know when I’ve been cock-blocked.

Elena and Stefan arrive at her home, and they are both crying. He doesn’t want her to shut him out. She tells him that everyone is in danger because of her, and they hug each other tight.

George: (as Elena) I hate being a doppelganger!

In the tomb, Katherine is reading her family book, and comes across a drawing of her family. She looks like she’s making her mind up about something.


George: Yes!
Jenny: Finally! Thank you, CW!

Dude calls Rose (and Damon is still shirtless) and tells her that if they get the moonstone and a witch, they can break the curse. (and Damon is still shirtless.)But dude’s being compelled by young Harry Hamlin! He doesn’t understand how he can be compelled, since he’s a vampire, and young Harry Hamlin tells him that he’s a special vampire. Then young Harry Hamlin compels dude to stake himself. Then young Harry Hamlin turns and Luca’s dad is there, too!

George: What?!!!
Jenny: I KNEW he was bad news!!!

And what?!! The next new episode is Thursday, Dec. 2!!! How will we live without new TVD until then?!!! Let’s get hashing on those theories, and celebrations of a shirtless Salvatore!!!


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