Title: Outlander S4.E10 “The Deep Heart’s Core”
Released: 2019
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 0

Previously on Outlander: After being violently raped by Stephen Bonnet, Brianna finally meets Jamie (sob) and is reunited with her mother. She and Lizzie go with them to Fraser’s Ridge where she confesses to her mother that she was raped and is now pregnant. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Young Ian see Roger in the woods and Lizzie gets upset, because she thinks it was Roger who raped Brianna. Without telling Claire or Brianna first, Jamie hunts down Roger and beats the everloving SHIZZ out of him – like, nearly to death, guys, it was hard to watch – then sends him into the woods with Young Ian to get rid of him.

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Jamie is the cutest dad ever, guys! He’s so obsessed with Brianna in such a proud dad way. He confesses to Brianna that Claire told him about the rape and subsequent pregnancy, but he still doesn’t know it was Stephen Bonnet, and Brianna tells Jamie she “didn’t ken the man” who raped her. Jamie thinks that since she’s pregnant, she should get married, but Bree’s not interested–she only wants Roger, and he took off on a boat and left her behind. Jamie dads it up, telling her, “If he doesn’t want you he doesn’t deserve you and I’ll travel through time to tell him that.” Bree is still blaming herself though, saying she could’ve fought harder, to which, Jamie says a bunch of mean stuff about her faking it and gets her so mad she tries to hit him. He gets her in a choke hold and asks her again, which is when Bree realizes that she couldn’t have fought off Stephen Bonnet. They’re able to talk about Jack Randall, and their shared trauma, and it’s very sweet and poignant.

Later, Claire and Bree discuss the possibility of Bree having an abortion. Claire could do it, but it would need to happen soon. Bree is hesitant because the baby *could* be Roger’s, right? It’s possible, but Claire warns her that she can’t go back through the stones with a baby – no one knows what would happen. So whether she goes back to the future to have the baby or decides to have the abortion, they need to decide ASAP. And so, we get a quick montage of how lovely life at Fraser’s Ridge is. There’s peaceful working in the yard, meeting the neighboring Cherokee, warm lighting, shared meals. Basically, it’s heaven! Claire tries to tempt her back to the future by talking about cheeseburgers and aspirin, but Bree remains undecided. That night, she has a nightmare about Bonnet, and wakes to Lizzie shaking her. Lizzie finally admits that Bree’s rapist won’t be bothering her again, because she saw him in the woods and Jamie beat the crap out of him. Bree asks how Lizzie knew what her rapist looked like, and finally, this two hour long Abbott and Costello bit is over.

Bree bursts into the house demanding answers, trying to explain to Jamie that she and Roger had done a handfasting. Misunderstanding her, Jamie gets mad and accuses her of pretending to be raped when she hooked up with a dude and ended up pregnant, to which, Brianna slaps him across the face. It’s all very….not great. Finally, Claire comes clean that it was Stephen Bonnet who raped Bree, not Roger. And Ian admits he sold Roger to the Mohawk tribe, which gets him a slap in the face too. They have a family meeting by the fire that night and decide that Ian and Jamie will make the 700 mile trek to upstate New York to find the Mohawk tribe that has Roger. At first, Bree wants to go with them, but she’ll be too pregnant by the time they get back. So Bree insists that Claire go with them, and Jamie insists that Murtagh take Bree to Aunt Jocasta’s house, where she’ll remain until they return or the baby is born or both. Everyone says their goodbyes, and takes off, but not before Jamie instructs Murtagh to make a stop at Wilmington and collect Stephen Bonnet on his way back as Jamie would very much like to murder him! Murtagh’s like “aye.” He takes Bree to River Run where they’re accepted with open arms by Jocasta.

Meanwhile, Roger’s been traveling through the woods being dragged behind the Mohawks who bought him from Ian. There was another prisoner traveling with them who’s already died. Things are looking bleak, and Roger’s hunger and tired, and when he finally passes out, he falls off the side of a mountain and the ropes holding his arms slip. He leads the Mohawks on a chase through the woods and manages to lose them. As he’s stumbling around in nature, he comes upon a rock formation (you know the ones). He pulls a couple of gems from his shirttails, cries a little, dilly-dallies, and finally reaches a hand out.

Cut to credits.

Kilt Drops: 0

Tbh, I’m not in the mood anyway.

Wit and Wordplay

Jamie: “Do you think yourself a coward because you couldn’t fight off a wolf with your bare hands?”

Jamie: “He’s smitten with ye, lass.”

Brianna: “He’s my cousin.”

Jamie: “Can ye not be smitten with cousins in yer time?”


  • Is anyone else having the HARDEST TIME convincing themselves that Jamie is old enough to be Brianna’s dad? I feel like they’ve done a much better job aging Claire than Jamie.

  • How fast is time even passing on this show? I assume something is happening the next morning, then Brianna’s like “btw I’m two months pregnant” or Claire is like “we won’t be back before the baby is born.”

  • Did anyone else sense a bit of ~sexual chemistry~ between Murtagh and Jocasta? Was that just me? Cool, cool, cool, okay never mind.

Next week: Murtagh hunts Stephen Bonnet (and it looks exciting as hell), Brianna has men proposing to her at River Run, and Lord John is back!


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