Title: The Vampire Diaries S7.E19 “Somebody That I Used to Know”
Released: 2016

Previously: Stefan finally got himself back into his old body, and Bonnie slammed the door in Damon’s face. It was awesome.

What Went Down 

Bonnie is going to die unless they can convince Rayna to give her her last remaining life. Weirdly, Rayna agrees because she is tired of killing vampires and not having any days off. So if Bonnie, Enzo, and Damon can complete her Kill List for her, she’ll let Bonnie spell the rest of her life out of her. Bonnie is starting to get the same sores that poor Mary Louise had, and she knows her days are numbered.

Alex knows that Enzo is hiding Bonnie and she swears to him that she ONLY wants Bonnie to help her unseal the vault that her sister sealed, because it turns out that she sealed their OTHER sister inside. Alex makes no mention of whether or not this sister is dangerous, but I’m guessing she must be if she’s still alive after all this time. Enzo knows it’s a trap, and Damon uses this as an opportunity to try and point out to Bonnie that it’s Enzo’s fault that she’s dying. BIG MISTAKE. Bonnie reads him for filth and Damon has no choice but to STFU and sit quietly while Enzo and Bonnie make out. 

Stefan shows up on Ric and Caroline’s doorstep, but Caroline still has the girls out of town somewhere. Ric agrees to talk to Stefan and tries to make it very clear that Caroline doesn’t want to see him, that she spent MONTHS driving off alone so she could cry in her car her heart was so broken – yet Stefan still feels like he has the right to explain himself. (I mean, a postcard or a letter in the meantime wouldn’t have killed you, dude.) Stefan calls out Ric for the two bedrooms that he saw being occupied in their home (OOPS), but Ric doesn’t care. He knows that Caroline isn’t in love with him but he’s going to marry her and try to be worthy of her. (I mean, ok, sure? I can see how Ric thinks this is his best option for himself and his supernatural twins.)

Just when Bonnie, Enzo, and Damon think that their Kill List is over, poor, mad Rayna is still in the fruit cellar scribbling away. Looks like there are way more vampires out there then they’re ever going to be able to kill in time to save Bonnie.


  • The flashback scenes with Bonnie and Enzo gave me my entire LIFE. The build-up, the romance, the twinkle lights..! 

  • Bonnie pouncing on Enzo. SO MUCH YES.

  • Beau dying…again. I mean, I guess if you wanted to prove how heartless Damon can be, show, you succeeded.

  • Caroline walking upstairs and not talking to Stefan. YIKES.

Vamp Witch of the Week: Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie stands her ground and refuses to just forgive Damon as he’s so used to in the past. She’s also got herself one HELLUVA man who she’s totally crazy about and vice versa. I confess to getting just the smallest amount of glee at Damon’s discomfort around their CANOODLING. 

Hero Hair/Nefarious Grin

Hero Hair: Enzo played double-agent with The Armory for months and months in order to keep Bonnie safe. Sure, the pills that were keeping her hidden turned out to be killing her BUT his intentions were good, right? (And can we talk about that NYE dinner he planned for Bonnie? And that ALMOST KISS??) 

Nefarious Grin: Green doesn’t suit you, Boo-Boo. I know that you’ve just awoken from a long nap, but Bonnie & Enzo are HAPPENING so you need to hop on board and stop trying to make Bonnie choose – because it’s not going to be you.

Sound Bites

You lost the right to my attention when you decided to leave without saying goodbye. – Bonnie

You’re not a prisoner, Bonnie. I’m trying to keep you safe. – Enzo
Yeah? Well, you’ve got a funny way of showing it. Secluded cabin? Sedatives? – Bonnie

Damon and I are on a time-out. – Stefan

I just pictured your face as the target. – Bonnie

Burning Questions

  • Will Bonnie and Damon ever be BFFs again? (Magic 8 Ball says…signs point to NO.)

  • Is Caroline really going to marry Alaric?

  • The St. John sister that’s trapped in The Vault – vampire, witch, or something else entirely?

How much did you love seeing Enzo and Bonnie fall in love? And how hilarious is it to try and watch Damon process his feelings about the two of them being together? Come convo with me in the comments!

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