Welcome to Aries Season, y’all!!! Let’s get to the linkage.


We entered the Thunderdome known as the YA Adaptation Madness Sweet Sixteen!

In honor of Season 2 of Shadow & Bone, we conducted a Highly Scientific Analysis, complete with a drinking game! (Related: look at the cast compliment each other!!! Aww!! Also, please enjoy this Ben Barnes ASMR.)


Sarah corrected an egregious error and finally wrote a post about Troop Beverly Hills.

In book reports:

  • Mandy C. reviewed Robyn Schneider’s The Other Merlin, featuring a bonus factor of “Sex Positivity,” as well as the sequel, The Future King, with a bonus factor of… ball jokes.
  • Regina reviewed Heather Dixon’s Illusionarium, featuring a bonus factor of “Worldbuilding.”
  • Scout reviewed Adam Silvera’s The First to Die at the End, featuring a bonus factor of “New York.”
  • Scout also reviewed Mary Downing Hahn’s What We Saw, featuring a bonus factor of “Malls.”

Book Related Things

We Were Liars adaptation is in the works with Julie Plec WHAT.

Will Sharpe set to direct the adaptation of Crying in H Mart.


Ten books to chase those Last of Us vibes. Plus, what the show gets right about science.

Love this tribute to Vivian Stephens, a pioneer of the romance industry.

Next season of Outlander premiere announced!

Elissa Sloan (member of ATX FYA!) and Jennifer Banash in conversation about celebrity, myth, and fiction.

Snow White and the seven retellings.

Onscreen Things

News on the Six of Crows spin-off.

Judy Blume Forever is a documentary but also our life mantra:


Pushing Daisies: Life, Death, and the Pie Hole.

The Yellowjackets cast lip-syncing to “Just a Girl” is everything. Also, ten things to remember before Season 2!

Update on Good Burger 2!

Paul Mescal AND Barry Keoghan AND DENZEL IN A GLADIATOR SEQUEL!?!??!

Ted Lasso is 100%.

Reconsidering Amanda Bynes, a truly underrated comedian.

Vanity Fair has a list of the best rom-coms of all time… agree to disagree!

I might need a magic mushroom for this:

Social Media Things

See this and this:

Honestly we are here for the Hunger Games renaissance:


Excuse me while I pull up my running Google Doc where I keep track of all the historical references in the Hunger Games… #history #historyteacher #englishteacher #ancientrome #shakespeare #hungergames #trivia #suzannecollins

♬ original sound – Emily | Anti-Social Studies

For our morally grey gals:


This is not wrong:

Please enjoy this Taylor content:

Our kind of royalty:

Time after Twilight Time:


Holly Black font is the new bookish trend:

In Star Trek, there are two wolves:

This is just nice:

Mandalorians can’t remove their helmet it says nothing about pants”

Hobbit Day is both adorable and a LOT:

Miscellaneous Things

RIP Lance Reddick.

I savored every juicy bit of this collective piece on Barbara Walters.

In excellent Reba news

The nine most useful runes. [See: Shadowhunters]

All the bookstores!!!!

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