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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Alex Mack, Wetsuits and More

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Alex Mack, Wetsuits and More

Uhhhhh, guys, remember when we all had to go back to work after Thanksgiving and it was terrrrible?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  Well, my brain is still recovering.  So bear with me.

Book Related Things

Which Baby-Sitters Club books were your favorites?  Well, Ann M. Martin will tell you hers!

The Bad Sex in Fiction shortlist is out.  Have any of you had the misfortune of reading any of them?

Oh look, someone wrote something stupid about ebooks on the internet.  Really, they only way to respond to something like that is with gifs.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is back in Times Square with new, never-before-seen props.  Road trip to NYC, anyone?  And speaking of Harry Potter, WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON WITH THIS THOUSAND DOLLAR SET OF BOOKS?!!

New Face on the Milk Carton book?!  And a hilarious book trailer to go with it!  (Thanks Emma!)

BBC is recording a radio version of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and JUST LOOK AT THE PEOPLE IN THIS CAST PHOTO.

And now in the big, wide world of press releases: read more about new book community Readmill, new short fiction e-book imprint from HarperCollins called Impulse, Scholastic’s children’s ereading app Storia (with holiday donations to Toys for Tots!), a campaign for a short story by John Green, and a Figment author chat with Holly Black, Julie Kagawa and Francesca Lia Block!  Whew!

Movie Related Things

New Disney movie in the works based on the Snow Queen, starring Kristen Bell (YES), Idina Menzel and co-directed by one of the writers of Wreck It Ralph?!  YES PLEASE.  (Also, speaking of, have you all seen Wreck It Ralph?  It’s great.  Seriously.  Don’t watch the previews, they will scare you away.  Just trust me.  And then go play this flash game based on the movie.)

Live action Cinderella?  Meeeehhhh.  Wait, Cate Blanchett as the evil-stepmother?  Okay, I’m on board now.

Catching Fire set photos have been leaking all week.  So many wetsuits!

TV Related Things

THE BEST THING HUFFPO HAS EVER WRITTEN.  Interview with the creators and stars of The Secret World of Alex Mack!

For those of you who just can’t get enough of Liz & Dick, Go Fug yourself has a review and a drinking game, Gawker has some highlights of Lindsay’s acting and Jezebel has a fashion round up.

Miscellaneous Things

The Mary Sue has a great holiday gift guide.  I’m going to put together a gift guide, eventually, so if you have any ideas, email us!

And as always, leave links in the comments to anything you enjoyed reading or watching this week!

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