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Bring A Fire Extinguisher

The second and third books in the Scorched trilogy, Shattered and Smoked, move the plot along, but never quite rise to dragon levels of excitement. (And dragon levels should be pretty darn high.)

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Saddle Up

Fill up yer canteens and oil up yer Colt pistols before you head out on the trail with Erin Bowman’s Vengeance Road.

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Come As You Are

Ava Dellaira's love letters might be to the dead, but they pulsate with the rhythm of genuine heart. 

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When It Rains, It Pours

After his dad comes out of the closet and his family goes bankrupt, Dan Cereill does what any geek would do under the circumstances— he makes things worse by falling for a totally unattainable girl.

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Read More Arabian Nights More Often Than Not Are Hotter Than Hot
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Never Say Never

Adi Alsaid's latest novel tackles friendship, romance, and clichés. (Sometimes, even all three at once.)